Little House on the Prairie

Season 8 Episode 11

A Christmas They Never Forgot

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Dec 21, 1981 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Caroline's Mother: (in flashback) Caroline......darling, I can't stand to see you feeling this way.
      Caroline: I miss Pa so bad.
      Caroline's Mother: I know. So do I.
      Caroline: No you don't! How could you miss Pa?
      Caroline's Mother: Caroline--
      Caroline: How could you miss him at all, and marry somebody else?
      Caroline's Mother: Your stepfather is--
      Caroline: Don't call him that! He'll never be my stepfather! I hate him!
      Caroline's Mother: Don't say that!
      Caroline: I do! I hate him!
      Caroline's Mother: The other children don't feel that way.
      Caroline: Yes they do! They're just afraid to say it!
      Caroline's Mother: That's not true! Frederick is a fine man!
      Frederick: (walks in from the rain, smiling) I'm absolutely soaked. (Caroline runs to her room)
      Caroline's Mother: Frederick, I'm so sorry.
      Frederick: She'll get over it.
      Caroline's Mother: I'm not so sure she will.