Little House on the Prairie

Season 1 Episode 1

A Harvest of Friends

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Sep 11, 1974 on NBC

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  • This remains one of my very favorite episodes of the series.

    The premiere episode, Harvest of Friends, is a perfect episode of Little House on the Prairie. The whole episode had a good atmosphere to it. There were some sweet moments, along with some moments that had you scared or upset. Also, there were a lot of funny moments in this episode. I love it when Doc Baker and Mr. Hanson are arguing over their watches; and then Mr. Hanson blows the whistle before Doc Baker can call him a name. It was just too funny. And this episode really has a lot of character development. It shows you what kind of a man Charles Ingalls is. He is honest, strong, and a hard worker who is willing to do anything for his family. When he came back into town and tried to stack the grain, while he had four broken ribs, I just felt so bad for him, but at the same time I loved him so much for attempting it. It was so sweet, yet sad when Mary and Laura tried to stack it for him. And when all the townsfolk came and stacked the grain for him; that has to be one of my most memorable and favorite moments of the series. Laura's final narration was wonderful as well. All in all Harvest of Friends remains one of my favorite episodes of Little House on the Prairie.