Little House on the Prairie

Season 2 Episode 15

A Matter Of Faith

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Feb 04, 1976 on NBC

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  • With Charles and the children away, a minor scratch on Caroline's leg leads to major trouble.

    Caroline is looking forward to the peace and quiet of having the house to herself for a couple of days, just doing some baking and other general odds and ends, however, things don't go as planned when a small scratch on her leg leads to a massive infection which causes her great pain and gives her a raging fever.

    Alone, and with no help close by, Caroline has to decide what to do. Bravely, she opens up the huge wound on her leg to allow the infection to escape and, by doing so, saves her own life. Even Doc Baker is impressed!

    Terrific episode all round.
  • A small scratch becomes a raging infection that nearly kills Caroline--all while the rest of the family is out of town.

    I enjoy this episode for two reasons: it focuses on Caroline and allows her character to shine, and it cleverly incorporates religion into the story several times in one episode. Faith, after all, is supposed to be one of the central tenets of the LHOTP series. Caroline scratches herself on a wire just before the family is scheduled to take a brief out-of-town trip. Just before departure, Reverend Alden asks Caroline to make some pies for a church auction, resulting in her staying behind, alone. Her leg becomes infected, and shortly after leaving the pies out for the Reverend to pick up, she takes ill. She collapses while reading her bible, and comes to only when she hears the Reverend arrive to retrieve the pies. To weak to summon him for help, she collapses on the floor and eventually contemplates cutting off her leg. She succeeds only in opening the wound before fainting. When Charles arrives home, he of course summons Dr. Baker and Reverend Alden, who quips that "God alone must have told her to open that wound". A classic episode that I'm surprised is not rated higher here. Don't miss it when it airs!
  • Plastic on Little house windows/Penicillin

    Right at the beginning when the opening title of the
    episode is shown, you can see plastic sheets on the bedroom windows of their house. When all of the them go into the house, the parents bedroom window is closed due to the wooden shutters. I doubt that they had sheets of plastic in the late eighteen hundreds. You have to look quick to see the plastic
    but you can see it moving because of the wind.
    I suspect that maybe one of the glass windows was broken and this was a quick fix to protect the interior from damage. By the way Penicillin was Invented in 1928, by Sir Alexander Fleming so Caroline
    was out of luck when it came to getting medication. It
    was either your bodies immune system took care of
    infection or you died a very painful death. If she
    cut off her leg, she would have bleed to death. Either
    way if she listened to the bible, she was dead and if she did nothing she would died in excruciating pain from the infection.