Little House on the Prairie

Season 8 Episode 19

A Promise To Keep

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Mar 01, 1982 on NBC

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  • old man tucker --- hmmmph!

    who is the new grace edwards, and why was she replaced? ... i'm confused - how many families did he have? ... he was single, then married someone & picked up john jr. along the way & some other kid? then, someone burned in a fire (along w/ mary's baby? -- fire set by albert?) anyway -- since his wife's name in this episode is 'grace,' i'm gonna guess that he didn't hook up w/ yet another woman named grace ... so, why replace the original? i liked the first one so much! she was so pretty, w/ a beautiful smile, and had an all around 'comforting' look about her ... much like caroline ingalls. ... in other news, did the young 'alicia' bug the hell out of anyone?- signed, #1 mrs. olesen fan -- 4 eva!

  • Albert and Mr. Edwards both fall off the wagon.

    What can I say about this episode? Mr. Edwards gets drunk...again. Tragedy strikes Isaiah yet another time when his wife rejects him on account of his chronic alcoholism, which has ressurected itself after the death of his son, John Jr. Of course, Edwards is so hung up on his own grief he can't be there for the needs of his wife and two remaining children. This always irked me, the combination of irresponsibility and selfishness on the part of Mr. Edwards towards his surviving family coupled with the fact that John Jr. was just a royal pain in the butt in so many ways. Alicia and Carl had lost their father and later their mother, and now Mr. Edwards was inflicting more suffering on them. Way to go, Isaiah! Nah, I don't buy it this time.
    The episode's high point came when Albert fell out of the wagon driven by a drunken Mr. Edwards. It was hilarious to watch, and I wish I had it on DVD to watch in slow motion. Should have held on there, Albert! Unfortunately, the Ingalls equally star-crossed adopted son recovers nicely and stays around for more episodes.