Little House on the Prairie

Season 5 Episode 2

As Long As We're Together (2)

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Sep 18, 1978 on NBC

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  • Family Is Everything

    It will soon be Mary's birthday and Charles and Caroline are planning a party for their oldest daughter. With their friends from Walnut Groce now in the city, they decide to have a party at the hotel where Charles and Caroline both work. The birthday scene is so incredibly sweet. Laura gives her sister a precious card written in Braille that leaves nearly everyone at the celebration in tears. Both Laura and Mary are sobbing in each other's arms. The scene is precious! The folks from Walnut Grove realize that not only are they friends, they love each other like family.
  • Mary's 16th birthday is fast approaching and a surprise party is planned. Charles finds himself bonding with a young orphan named Albert who is in desperate need of attention and affection.

    Young Albert begins to form a strong attachment to Charles as the two spend more and more time together. The boy clearly enjoys having a father figure around and Charles certainly enjoys the role.

    Mr. Standish continues to make life difficult for the Ingalls family (and most others) but the most important thing on everyone's mind is Mary's upcoming 16th birthday. With no money to buy her a gift, Charles pawns his beloved violin but when Caroline sees it in the shop window, she immediately buys it back and Mary's gift is, as it has always been, the sound of her father playing the fiddle to her on her birthday. Albert comes to join the party and it's clear that he will be around, come what may.
  • A gret episode *****SPOILERS******

    Charles and Caroline are annoyed by the treatment by Mr. Standish they do this to keep their family near Mary. Caroline and Alice find out the only school is a very expesicve private school $ $ $. The get a barn an start a school for families who cannot afford the Winoka School.
    Harriet wants Nelllie and willie to go to the private school and so she takes a job as a bar maid Charles connects with Albert. They plan a suprise party for Mary's birthday. Pa can't get an advance for his pay so he sells his fiddle and buys albert his reading lamp(that he previously stole and showed charles that he was an orphan on the streets polishing shoes and living under a staircase. he stole the lamp to read.). He brought Ma the $ $ $ $ $ to buy her a hat from a coustmer's shop. Ma sees the fiddle that pa sold and talks to the store's owner. Later, Mary and Adam head over to the hotel for Mary's suprise party.Harlan(who harased Ma)and glover harras Mary and Adam. Pa sees and gets in a fight. Nels and Johnathan come out and help charles. Johnathan hurts glover and harlan and they promise not to bother them again. He gets a job from mr. standish. Mary is worried and when Pa comes back, they all pretend that pa is not hurt(she's blind) she gets Pa's fiddle back to him. It is very heartwarming and Albert walks in when Mary is reading Laura's card. Mrs. Olson cries. Mary says she doesnt have anything to wish for she has everything in that very room. She wishes and Pa Plays his fiddle. Alert slowly opens up to them and it is a happy ending.
    This was a great episode i liked it when Harriet was cryying and Willie asks to cut the cake.