Little House on the Prairie

Season 6 Episode 14

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Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Nov 26, 1979 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • In the scene where Charles and Caroline's father drive up to the house and Caroline comes out to greet her father, then goes around to the back of the wagon hoping to find her mother, but instead, she sees a coffin and then she starts to cry . . . if you look closely, you can see that there are no tears, although she is sobbing.

    • When Albert express reluctance to read a "boring" book, Caroline tells him that she had to read the same book when she was in school, too, offering little sympathy. We find out that the book in question is Silas Marner, first published in 1861. Caroline Quiner Ingalls was born in 1839, so unless she was still going to school when she was 22, it's unlikely she would have read this book until adulthood.

    • When Charles takes Albert and Laura to Sleepy Eye to sell his plow, Albert asks if he and Laura can walk around, and Charles says yes before proceeding to walk into a store. Why would he give his kids permission to leave the wagon and horses unattended in the middle of a large, crowded city like that? It could have been stolen, for one thing, and with so many people around, the horses could have easily gotten spooked and taken off running. This seems irresponsible on Charles' part.

    • The story Albert and Laura tell to raise money for their grandpa is the same story Andy and Albert told to get to stay at a boarding house for free in Season 5's Men Will Be Boys.

    • Albert and Laura manage to help raise money for their grandpa by posing as poor orphans in another town, and it's Albert who leads Laura through the whole thing and pulls it off. Laura tried something similar to this in Season 2's The Gift, but she failed miserably. If only she had known Albert then!

    • Laura says that she and Mary were just babies when they left their grandparents in the Big Woods, but that's not true. They left in the pilot episode, when the girls were about 8 and 10 years old, respectively, so this doesn't make sense.
      Reply: It's very possible that Laura was speaking figuratively and was just trying to say that she and Mary were very young when they saw their grandparents last.

    • If you look closely at Mary throughout this episode, she looks almost exactly like she did in the first couple seasons, when she was a little girl. She obviously grew up a lot when she moved out of her parents' house and married Adam, but when you look at her in the eyes in this episode, she--for the first time in a while--looks very much like she did as a child. A lot of that can probably be attested to the fact that Mary's character is pregnant and in a state of physical and emotional exhaustion, so she looks a little different than usual.

    • In this episode, Frederick tells a story about when Caroline was six years old. As you recall, though, Frederick is Caroline's stepfather, and he didn't even marry her mother until Caroline was older--at least 8 or 9 years old. When you watch Caroline's flashback sequence in Season 8's "A Christmas They Never Forgot," you get a glimpse of what she looked like at that time, when her mother remarried, and she certainly wasn't anywhere near six years old.
      Reply: This is true, but remember also that in "A Christmas They Never Forgot," it was revealed that Frederick was close friends with Caroline's biological father. Perhaps, then, Frederick knew Caroline when she was younger.

    • Caroline's father reacts to his wife's death in very much the same way that Charles' father does with his own wife's death in Season 3's "Journey in the Spring." In both cases, the men are devastated and do not want to go on living, and they are pulled out of their depression by one of the Ingalls children.

    • It seems this is the first time we see Mary pregnant again after suffering a miscarriage the previous season. Still, she gives birth in this very same episode.

    • Towards the end of the scene where Caroline goes to the sod house to talk to her father, he accidentally calls her by her real name, "Karen."
      Reply: No, he did not. Remember that many people in the series pronounced Caroline's name as "Carolyn," which sounds very much like "Karen." It's an easy thing to mix up, but he really did call her Carolyn.

    • Nitpick: when Charles and Grandpa Holbrook drive up, I find it hard to believe that neither one of them tries to stop Caroline from running to the back of the wagon (I know it was scripted that way for dramatic effect, but still unrealistic)

  • Quotes

    • Adam: (to his pregnant and exhausted wife) I had a relative once who gave birth to triplets.
      Mary: (looks horrified) Triplets?? Are you sure?
      Adam: Nah, I guess she must have miscounted.
      Mary: Adam, that's not funny!

    • Laura: Guess who's coming to visit!
      Adam: The stork!
      Laura: No, that's the right reason, but the wrong person. Grandma and Grandpa Holbrook!
      Mary: Really? Wow! Adam, we haven't seen them since we left the Big Woods!
      Laura: We were just babies then ourselves, and now they're coming to see your baby!
      Adam: Yes. Many, many babies!
      Laura: Many babies?
      Mary: Don't worry, he's just joking. (sighs) I hope.

    • Mary: (in bed with Adam, who's sleeping) Adam? Adam.
      Adam: Hmm?
      Mary: Adam, let's have a picnic.
      Adam: (half-asleep) Okay. Saturday.
      Mary: No, right now, right here. Just the two of us.
      Adam: I must be dreaming. I could have sworn you just asked me if we could have a picnic right now, in the middle of the night.
      Mary: No, you're not dreaming. I did say it.
      Adam: Mary, there is a time for jokes and a time for picnics, and neither one is at this hour of the night.
      Mary: But Adam, I'm starving. There's cold chicken in the kitchen that's just calling me!
      Adam: You can have it for breakfast in a couple hours.
      Mary: But Adam, my stomach's growling so much, I'll never be able to fall asleep. (snuggles close to him) Please? (kisses his neck) Please?
      Adam: I must be crazy. (gets out of bed, goes downstairs, gets the food, comes back up) Should we do this family style, or should we just dig in? Mary? (she's asleep) Mary? Whose idea was this???

    • Nellie: (to Caroline at the restaurant) What are you doing here? You only work weekends.
      Caroline: Oh, well, I was hoping that I might work every day for a while.
      Nels: That would be wonderful!
      Nellie: I don't know, Father. I'd hate to disappoint my regular customers.
      Nels: Disappoint them?
      Nellie: I set a very high culinary standard during the week. My cuisine has made a name for itself as far away as Mankato.
      Nels: Yes, it's a name I can't repeat in front of Mrs. Ingalls.
      Nellie: My customers swear by my cooking!
      Nels: That's what I just said.

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