Little House on the Prairie

Season 6 Episode 2

Back To School (2)

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Sep 24, 1979 on NBC

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  • Fun episode

    After reading the Bios of Laura, Mary and Nellie the last few years, it was fun to see tthe shows the way they remember them. Melissa Gilbert really didn't like the actor who played Almonzo, wanted a different type, but she acted well enough to never see it.

    I loved the mud fight, the scenes with Mrs Oleson (always fun) but sometimes after seeing these shows so many times, see other things I ignored before.

    Why are those dishes Charles worked so hard far from the Widow Snyder,never being used after they said "everyday was a special day?" Why does it take Ma "all day" to look for something in the house when it should take 5 minutes. : ) Silly, but that what familiarity breeds. I love them though.
  • A great episode!! Laura and Nellie engage in their dirty tricks to win over Almanzo.

    This was a fabulous episode. I love the original relationship between Laura and Almanzo -- how they met and how everything worked. It also really showed the problems Laura and Nellie had. I watched this episode regularly, and then with the commentary, which is done by Alison Arngrim. I highly recommend you watch the commentary. Alison is very natural talking about it, and it gives a lot of information. She can also be very funny, saying things like: "You know, life would be a lot simpler if everybody listened to Ma Ingalls." And my favorite, when she's describing the memorable mud fight: "Look at this! I'm 6 inches taller, maybe 10 or 15 pounds heavier, and she is completely defeating me! You do not want to get into a fight with Melissa Gilbert." The episode, in general, is very memorable and very fun. Its about growing up, love, and general problems. Watch it for sure!
  • Laura wants to grow up quickly, mainly to impress Almanzo. To do so, she intends to become a teacher.

    Laura finds herself falling deeply for Almanzo in spite of the considerable age gap between them. She is also sick and tired of being thought of as a "little girl" and thinks of a sure fire way to be considered more 'grown up' - she wants to take the graduation exam like Nellie and then the teaching exam so that she will be qualified to teach.

    The problems begin when she asks Nellie for her help. We know immediately that things are not going to turn out well as Nellie seems practically incapable of doing or saying anything nice at any time. Laura should have known better but that would have made the episode far less interesting and it was certainly a terrific one for the second part of the season opener. You will definitely have to watch this one as well as the one before it. Terrific!
  • Laura believes Almanzo Wilder is the man she will marry, he is much older than she is. She takes her teaching exam because she believes that will make her appear older. She ends up failing and it was Nellie's fault.

    This was a hilarious episode along with part one too. I loved the part where Laura pushes Nellie into the mud and Almanzo must pull them apart. You should see what Laura says to Nellie after that while she is leaving with Almanzo. It is very cute when \"Beth\", Laura tries to talk to Almanzo about what happened. Then when Charles comes in how she yells at both of them and tells them she is not a little girl. I thought this was a very good episode and you can tell in here that Laura really really loves her \"Manly\" a.k.a. Almanzo.
  • Laura falls in love with Almonzo, who is older than her, she tries to grow up quickly.

    Laura has fallen in live with Almanzo and wants him to notice her. She decides to take the graduation test so that she may graduate, and therefore, appear older. She turns to Nellie for help. Nellie loans her the books she needs to study for the examination. However Nellie is still upset about the Almanzo chicken fiasco so she gives Laura the wrong study tips. Laura discovers this during the examination and fails. She confronts Nellie and they get into a fight, rolling in a big mud puddle. Almanzo seperates them and takes Laura home with him to help her clean up Nellie goes home and tells Caroline and Charles about the fight, and about Laura leaving with Almanzo. Thinking the worst, Charles drives over to his place and punches Almanzo because he believes Almanzo has taken advantage of his daughter, as Laura is dressed in Almanzo's robe while waiting for her clothes to dry. Almanzo doesn't blame Charles for wanting to protect his little girl. Laura yells at both of them and declares she is a woman not a child.
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