Little House on the Prairie

Episode 0

Bless All the Dear Children

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Dec 17, 1984 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Mr. Edwards: (to Jenny) Before you know it, we'll be back here, all loaded down with Christmas cheer! Mr. Montague: Ah, yes, in the form of baubles and trinkets, no doubt. Mr. Edwards: Oh, now, Montague, don't tell me you've got something against Christmas. Mr. Montague: Not Christmas, Edwards. Crass commercialism and sentimentalism masquerading as Christian love. Emphasis on gift-giving is compromising our souls! Mr. Edwards: Well, I'll tell you something, old buddy, I would never want to compromise your soul, so I'll tell you what. I'll just skip over buying you a Christmas present this year. Mr. Montague: Suits me just fine.