Little House on the Prairie

Season 4 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Sep 12, 1977 on NBC

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  • If you've ever lost a pet, you're gonna love this episode, especially if you've been a fan of the show.

    Caroline tells Laura to clean the foxtails out of her dogs ears. She tries, but the family dog, Jack refuses to cooperate and wants to play instead. Laura goes to visit her new friend, an old eccentric woman called Keizia. Upon Laura's return, Jack is dead. Laura is devastated. Charles goes on a little work trip and another dog he names Bandit, befriends him and rides home with him. At first, Laura doesn't like the stray dog. Keizia isn't liked by a few people in town (namely Mrs. Oleson), and is considered an outcast much like the stray dog, Bandit. She helps out (new cast member) Mr. Garvey with his back pain, and helps Laura understand we all need to deal with loss, amd love again, even if we are different. Laura finally accepts Bandit as her new dog, and the people of Walnut Grove accept Keizia.
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