Little House on the Prairie

Season 7 Episode 13

Come, Let Us Reason Together

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Jan 12, 1981 on NBC

Episode Recap

As Nellie and Percival await the arrival of their baby, he gets word that his parents are coming to visit for the birth of their first grandchild. Percival, knowing that they will find out eventually, confesses that his real name is Issac Cohen, he had changed his name when he started applying for jobs because he didn't think anyone would hire a Jewish man. Of course Harriet is upset that Percival lied, but Nellie doesn't mind, stating to her husband that she loves him for him. Benjamin and Edna Cohen soon arrive and they greet Nellie and the Olesons with open arms. For a short time it seems as though the in-laws will get along nicely, that is until Benjamin starts talking about his unborn grandson being called Cohen and being raised Jewish. This does not sit well with Harriet and for most of the episode, the two have screaming matches over what faith the baby will be raised by. Percival is worried because Nellie is increasingly becoming upset, which Doc Baker warns is not good for her, and because his father has had a heart attack once before. Finally, after a few days of fighting, the young couple declare enough is enough and that if religion is going to be all about anger and fighting, then they want no part of it. After Nellie and Percival leave, their parents decide it's time to finally sit down and just talk. Nels comes up with a compromise. Since carrying the Cohen name is so important to Benjamin, then if the baby is a boy, then his last name will be Cohen and he will be raised Jewish, but if the baby is a girl, then her last name will be Dalton and she will be raised Christian. Both Edna and Benjamin can't believe how simple the solution actually is and even Harriet is in agreement. The in-laws then laugh and clasp hands. A few days later, after Percival and Benjamin pray at the church/temple, Willie runs to them and tells them that Nellie is in labor. While waiting in the restaurant, Doc Baker comes down and announces it's a girl. The grandparents are ecstatic, and while Benjamin tries to be happy, he's clearly disappointed. Just then, Caroline, who was assisting with the birth, yells down for Doc Baker to get back upstairs quick. Percival and the grandparents all fear the worst for both Nellie and the baby, and Benjamin is convinced that God is punishing them for their fighting and for his preferring a boy over a girl. Caroline comes downstairs, assures everyone that Nellie is fine, and that she's given birth to twins, a boy and a girl. After Nellie recovers, the family gathers for a celebration and the grandparents continuously dote over the babies, Benjamin Cohen and Jennifer Dalton. And while Benjamin and Harriet are now getting along, he does have one more disagreement with her: he refuses to allow her to nickname his grandson "Benny."

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