Little House on the Prairie

Season 7 Episode 13

Come, Let Us Reason Together

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Jan 12, 1981 on NBC

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  • Percival's parents arrive. Percival's father insists on raising Nellie's any-day-now-due baby in the Jewish faith. Mrs. Oleson insists on raising the child Christian. Chaos ensues with the two butting heads for the remainder of the episode!

    I don't remember seeing this episode during the series first run. No doubt I did. But it didn't stand out. I now know why. This episode may have had good intentions but the constant yelling and over-the-top acting by the man who play's Percival's father coupled with Katherine MacGregor's equal hamming it up is enough to drive one crazy! I had a headache after watching this episode. The message about raising a child in a different faith should be left to the parents. But Nellie and Percival do almost nothing about it. Nellie "sweetly" submits to Percival who has tamed her but for some reason cannot stand up to his father. Only Steve Tracy's performance as Percival trying to make peace between both families gives this episode any credence as he manages to arise above all the chaos and do something with this poorly written material. Otherwise its a mish/mash of yelling and screaming. Even the last frame of Mr. Cohen is of him screaming! If you like constant bickering and screaming above Harriet Oleson's norm, then this episode is for you! Otherwise you would do well to forget this one.