Little House on the Prairie

Season 1 Episode 2

Country Girls

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Sep 18, 1974 on NBC

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  • Imagine your first day of school AND Nellie Olseon! What a combination!

    Mary and Laura are both really nervous about attending the Walnut Grove school for the first time. Their parents explain to them that school is a wonderful opportunity to learn and to make new friends and they become a little more enthusiastic.

    Such a pity then that they have to lock horns with the snobbish and unbearable Nellie Olseon, who will be the bane of their existence for years to come. The uppity Nellie is unimpressed when she sees the two new students and spends the day constantly referring to them as 'Country Girls' a name which Laura in particular takes great exception to. So, the first day of school is not very pleasant, except for the fact that they meet the love Miss Beadle, their teacher, who is kindness itself.

    Mary can read and write very well, but Laura knows only the alphabet. I find this a little strange as Caroline Ingalls is a former teacher and I would have thought that she would have made certain that Laura could read and write well before her current age. Apart from that, a great episode.
  • Episode 2 - Country Girls - My Review

    This episode mainly focuses on Laura and Caroline Ingalls.

    It’s Mary and Laura’s first day of school…only Laura doesn’t want to go. She doesn’t like the idea of spending time away from home, but she makes a promise to her father saying that she would. When they reach school, they meet the snobbish Nellie Oleson, a student who passes remarks at them. Mary and Laura enjoy their first day of school except for their encounter with Nellie. The next day Laura even has a fight with Nellie to teach her a lesson. Caroline goes to the Oleson store to sell her eggs, but Mrs. Oleson acts arrogant and buys her eggs for a cheap price. The next day Caroline decides to get even in Mrs. Oleson’s game and sells her eggs for a reasonable price. Now as the days pass, the school children each have to write an essay and recite it in front of the townsfolk. Mary writes about how they came to live in Walnut Grove, whereas Laura tells a touching speech about her mother.

    This is one of my favorite episodes. It is has humor, touching moments, good storyline and a good moral to go with it. The scene in the ending where Laura recites her essay is really touching. I would definitely watch this episode more than once.
  • Introduction to Nellie and Willie oleson.

    This Episode is one of my favorite, It introduces us to the one and only Nellie oleson,And her Brother/sidekick Willie Oleson. In This eipsode Marks the tention between Nellie And laura ingalls which would last through the 6th season.
    In the end of this episode Miss Beadle Gives an assignment for the students to write an essay about something. Laura Writes About Her mother which in the essay shows how deeply she cares for Her mother. Mary Writes about How her father Brought the family to walnut grove. This is one of the Best Episodes in the entire series. Enjoy the episode.
  • Oh my, the introduction to the Olesons. They only get "better" with time!

    Mary and Laura start school. Mary, always the good student, is anxious to go, but Laura isn't all too keen on attending. It doesn't help that the "city girl" Nellie is such a snob, but this is only the first of many times Nellie and Willie will make the Ingalls' girls lives miserable throughout the years.

    When the children are asked to write an essay, Nellie chooses to write about how rich they are and how expensive everything they own is as Mrs. Oleson beams from the audience (Mr. Oleson shrinks in his seat at the bragging). But Laura steals the show when she gives an eloquent, heartfelt speech about her mother. When Ma Ingalls figures out Laura could not have possibly put those words to paper, she asks to see the essay and Laura sheepishly hands it over. She is forced to show the paper to Miss Beadle, who had raved about the speech. When she sees what is actually written on the paper, her only comment is - oh yes, Laura is doing much better with her penmanship, i.e. letting Mrs. Ingalls know the essay was still wonderful regardless of whether it was written or spoken from the heart.
  • Mary and Laura have just moved to Walnut Grove and now are entering school for the first time. Both are anxious at the prospect; especially Laura. And Nellie Oleson sure doesn't help.

    It is hard to conceive of children as old as Laura and Mary having never attended school! Mary even disclosed to Miss Beadle that she could read, while Laura could not. I know that before they lived in the woods and all, but doesn't this strike you as very impausible? Especially given their refined demeanors? I know, I know, home schooling was probably why it was possible, but in any case, the most priceless elements to this episode are Mrs. Oleson's snippy/snobby behavior to Caroline and Nellie's delivery of "country girls" several times with perfect disdain. Very entertaining and touching episode!