Little House on the Prairie

Season 1 Episode 2

Country Girls

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Sep 18, 1974 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Charles: (to Laura, who is hiding under the covers) What's the matter, Half-Pint?
      Laura: I don't want to go.
      Charles: (pulling down the covers to see Laura's face) It's kind of hard to hear with you with all those covers over your head.
      Laura: I don't want to go. I want to stay here.
      Charles: Well, I wish you could stay. But I made a promise to your Ma. I promised her that as soon as we got settled by the nearest school, you and your sister would go.
      Laura: But you need me here! Who's gonna help you with the fish traps? Who's gonna take care of Jack?
      Charles: You're gonna have time for all that. You wouldn't want me to break a promise I made to your Ma, now would you?
      Laura: No, Pa.
      Charles: All right. (kisses her) That's my girl. Now hurry up and get yourself dressed. Breakfast is gonna get cool. And I'll tell you something you don't know--you're gonna like school.
      Laura: (sighs) Yes, Pa.