Little House on the Prairie

Season 6 Episode 19

Darkness Is My Friend

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Jan 21, 1980 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • While Nellie is playing the piano during the second scene in the Olesons' living room, she's trying to play Home on the Range. This is the same song which Mrs. Oleson sings drunkenly during Season 4's To Run and Hide.

    • Right before Adam's group leaves, Laura asks her father if she can spend the night. It's done almost as an afterthought, and at the last minute. It would seem then that no arrangements had been made to have a sighted person at the school with Mary, the baby and the other children while Hester-Sue accompanied Adam. This doesn't seem quite right.

    • During this episode, Mary and Laura share fond memories from 2 episodes that aired during the second season of the series: The Campout and The Gift.

    • Nels Olsen leaves the blind school, and literally just ten seconds pass before the gang of thugs shows up at the door. Despite the darkness and rain, it seems highly unlikely that Nels wouldn't have seen or heard them.
      Reply: True, but being so sneaky, it's possible that they were hiding in the bushes or found some other way to quickly slip past Nels as he was leaving. Knowing them, that could have been all part of their plan--waiting until Nels left, then knocking on the door immediately so the girls would assume it was Nels again and open it.

    • Charles offers to give Laura a ride to the blind school because a "storm's brewing." Laura glibly replies that she'd rather walk because she loves the smell right before a storm. However, even while she's speaking, there is lightning and thunder very closeby outside, as you can hear and see at the window. Given that the blind school is miles away, she was asking not only to get heavily soaked with rain, but very possibly struck by lightning.

    • Toni Mele, a real-life blind child who made her first and only appearance as Kim in this episode, was invited by Michael Landon himself to appear on the show after she wrote a heartfelt fan letter to him.

    • Goof: When the cat knocks the jug to the ground, making the convict turn and fire his gun, the next split second shot of the room shows no cat as the shotgun blast pulverizes the same spot. It's incredibly unlikely that the cat jumped off the ledge that quickly.

    • Goof: Watch out for the exploding stove. Albert picks up the exploded potatoes from the oven in both hands and holds them there. With a stove that hot, he would have easily burnt his hands, and yet he didn't even yell out in pain.

  • Quotes

    • Laura: (reviving Doc Baker after he's been bludgeoned on the head) Dr. Baker? Dr. Baker, are you all right?
      Doc Baker: (slowly opening his eyes) I think so. I'll tell you one thing. (smiles) It's the last time I ever make house calls.

    • Nels: (hearing a knock at the door) It's Doc Baker!
      Nellie: I wonder what he's doing here.
      Nels: (muttering under his breath) He probably heard you singing and thought someone was dying.

    • Convict: (to Charles) You better put that gun down, or this pretty little face ain't gonna be so pretty anymore. (holds a gun to Mary's head)
      Mary: Pa, please!
      Convict: Oh, it's Pa, is it? Well, Pa, what's it gonna be?

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