Little House on the Prairie

Season 8 Episode 18

Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow (2)

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Feb 22, 1982 on NBC

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  • What am I supposed to write as a title? Everybody knows the title of the episode.

    Well, for me this episode was a bit disappointing at the beginning, because I believed Almanzo has given up his hopes and tries. Also, he didn't really seemed very happy with the birth of his daughter and he wasn't very demonstrative. But this was only the beginning. As the story goes on, it slowly becomes one of the best episodes. Laura and Almanzo becomes parents of a lovely girl. Almanzo changed his mint and showed to us all that if someone has faith, he can achieve everything. He managed to walk again and to build a new home for his beloved Laura and his little Rose. I didn't really liked the behaviour of his sister, but she changed at the end too. Of course, the end was so great and really touching. The scene of the whole -and expanded- family eating together was classic and perfect. A wonderful episode.
  • The wilders lives are in ruin due to a series of terrible incidents almanzo has had a stroke, the crops were destroyed by a hailstorm and a tornado has destroyed theyre beautiful farmhouse.

    I loved this episode everything happens to them and when it seems there is nothing to be done they pull through and build a new home. It was one of my favorite two hour episodes. I love it when the tornado hits, although I also thought Laura shouldnt have left her daughter in the cellar to go and get the cat. but of course she had to get injured somehow. overall it was a great episode! and this is of course the episode where Laura becomes a mother. Even though Almanzo is not very happy because he thinks he is paralyzed forever.