Little House on the Prairie

Season 7 Episode 7

Divorce, Walnut Grove Style

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Nov 10, 1980 on NBC

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  • Laura and Almanzo's marriage is tested by the arrival of someone from his past.

    This episode is extremely out of character for Laura and fairly epitomizes why Charles was concerned about her maturity in "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not". As we know, the Wilders will experience many difficult times far more serious than this. If Laura cannot handle the reappearance of an old girlfriend of Almanzo's, it's questionable as to how she can handle the storm that destroyed their crops and home, Almanzo's stroke and the death of her baby. (In fact, we find her losing control of herself during those times, too).

    The Olesons and the picture window gag provide much-needed comic relief.