Little House on the Prairie

Season 7 Episode 7

Divorce, Walnut Grove Style

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Nov 10, 1980 on NBC

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  • Meow! Watch Laura have a catfight rivaling "Dynasty" and "Jerry Springer!" And for the ladies (and gay men), there is a yummy scene with Manly taking a bath. Mmm...

    As entertaining as this episode is, it is clearly quite unbelievable and the misunderstanding is really lamola. I have to disagree with the poster who put down Laura as a "fishwife." I mean, could Almonzo have been a bigger douchebag than he was? He starts **** at Laura about EVERYTHING and expecting her to be the little woman when he knew she had a career as a teacher. And that little strumpet who used to date him was totally flirting with him! He didn't flirt back, but I could see Laura being pissed off by this tart. She was totally catty to Laura. I am not an advocate of violence, but seeing Laura push her in the dirt by placing her hand over Miss Thang's face was quite enjoyable to me! You KNOW she really wanted to call her a biotch and not a witch, LOL! OMG-this is Jaws territory fer sure...but I still was able to be entertained. I love when Caroline steps in on Laura's fight and takes charge. Laura is like totally crazed! It's hilarious...

    *Note: the scene with Nels/Harriet that someone cited as amusing was a little bit of a turnoff to me when I think back to "Second Spring." Just sayin'...
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