Little House on the Prairie

NBC (ended 1983)




Episode Guide

  • Specials
    • Look Back to Yesterday

      Charles and Albert make an unexpected visit to Walnut Grove, and they are both thrilled to be back. Unfortunately, the town faces tremendous financial difficulties, just as college-bound Albert receives some devastating news of his own. Elsewhere, little Jason Carter longs to kiss a little girl at school.

    • The Last Farewell

      Charles and Caroline decide to leave their younger children with an aunt and visit Walnut Grove. What begins as a nostalgic trip down memory lane turns into disaster as the town learns that a slick businessman has legal ownership of the land, and he is prepared to take it over for his own financial gain. Now, the entire community must come together to put up the fight of their lives and defend their home.

    • Bless All the Dear Children

      Two-year-old Rose Wilder is kidnapped while she, Laura, Almanzo, and Mr. Edwards are doing some Christmas shopping in Mankato. As the adults go on a frantic search for her, someone unexpected comes into their midst. Back in Walnut Grove, Nels has a plan to teach his greedy daughter Nancy some important lessons about the true meaning of the season, and the Carters--who cannot afford presents for their two children--have a rough Christmas ahead of them.

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