Little House on the Prairie

Season 2 Episode 19

For My Lady

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Mar 10, 1976 on NBC

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  • Is Charles Ingalls having an affair with a comely widow? Harriet Oleson has the town, and quite possibly Caroline Ingalls, believing it.

    A wealthy (and completely proper) young widow in town, played by Mariette Hartley, hires Charles to complete some odd jobs around her mansion that her late husband never finished. While Mary is visiting her Pa at the house, the widow recieves a new shipment of beautiful china. In wondering aloud what she should do with the "old" set, Mary suggests that Charles buy them for Ma. Charles declines for the sake of being thrifty, but overnight changes his mind and offers to complete an additional project at the home in exchange for the dishes. He tells no one in the family, wanting to surprise his wife. Unfortunately, he tells a few white lies about his whereabouts to protect his secret, but is spotted by Caroline at the widow's home and in town doing special errands for her. Of course Mrs. Oleson pounces on the opportunity to start a rumor of an extramarital affair. In the end of course Charles presents his very grateful, humbled and relieved wife with the beautiful dishes, all rumors are put to rest, and all is well.