How did the series end?

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    Okay, I'm confused. I went on Netflix to get DVDs of the series, to watch it from beginning to end. There were DVDs through the end of Season 9, but they ended with an episode about a girl looking for love, or something.

    I distinctly remember from watching the series religiously while I was growing up, that Pa and Ma moved away for awhile toward the end, and the series focused on Laura and Almonzo. Then, when it ended for good, they blew up the town. And I thought this was in Season 10, although I could be wrong. I looked the series up on Wikipedia, but that was no help at all, and just muddied the water.

    So, can somebody set me straight here? Didn't the series end sometime in Season 10, with a finale where they blew up the town? And why can't I find this episode on DVD on Netflix? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    LHOTP ran for 9 seasons, than an additional 3 made for TV movies, while the show did indeed end with the movie "The Last Farewell" where they blew up the town, they had one more movie already filmed that they saved and hung on to titled "Bless All The Dear Children". Why did they air it this way? "Bless" isn't very good, had the aired it first I think fans would have lost some interest in seeing another Little House movie afterwards, and I think Landon wanted to save it for one last little treat to throw to his fans that surly didn't expect anything else, it made a nice little surprise, besides, it's a Christmas episode and needed to air during the holiday season.

    Some of the air dates listed here are wrong, "Bless" being one of them, maybe that's what threw you off?

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