Questions re: "The Handyman"

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    *WARNING: Spoilers*

    In the episode "The Handyman,"

    #1 Do you believe Mary was just acting like a complete jerk to Chris when she asked him to leave, or was she justifiable intrying to keep her family together in what she perceived was a sticky situation?


    #2 Caroline reacts angrily to Mary when she finds out what she's done, saying she's shocked and hurt at her perception of the situation and that Chris would never make a move on her as a married woman (rephrasing her words a bit). However, there's some major sexual tension between Caroline and Chris, and it's clearly not one-sided, esp. when Charles comes home and Caroline quietly laments him leaving again so soon - it's obvious she doesn't entirely trust herself. So,if Charles had been delayed another week or two in returning, do you think Chris would have put the moves on Ma, and how would Ma have reacted? (Again, naturally this is pure speculation and just for fun).

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    It's a complex situation...all I know is that SOMEONE deserved a slap in the face...
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    Was Mary justified?

    Yes, in her mind, but she should know her Ma better then that though.

    Would Chris?

    I think he would have sent out a feeler, subtlety hinted, and quickly got his answer then gave up. I don't think the thought even occurred to Ma, we know she would never entertain even the thought, that's why she's so shocked at Mary's accusation.

    I have to say, I love watching Ma get mad, she so loses her usual cool and she means business! I guess we know where Mary got her temper from.

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    I think there was sexual tension, but Caroline wouldn't have acted on it. She put her hair down after Chris complimented her on it, flattery feels nice, especially if you don't get it often from others. I think Mary overeacted and was out of place, but enjoying another man's company that is like your husband isn't a crime and sometimes makes you realize you are still a woman and not just "ma" and someone to get coffee. : )
    I thought the anger stemmed from her thinking Mary would actually think she would do that to Charles but also a little guilt that she enjoyed his company so much.
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