Little House on the Prairie

Season 1 Episode 24

Founder's Day

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Unknown on NBC

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  • It's Founder's Day in Walnut Grove, and the townspeople gather to celebrate--and compete against each other in various competitions.

    Founder's Day is fast approaching in Walnut Grove, and everyone in the Ingalls family--except Charles--is anxiously awaiting their chance to win a blue ribbon in a competition: Caroline, in pie baking; Mary, in the jump rope contest; Laura, in the hoop rolling competition; and both sisters as a team in the 3-legged race. In the meanwhile, an older couple moves to town, and the man, a former logger who can't accept that time has taken its toll on him, gets a job at Hansen's mill, where he's constantly puting Charles down by calling him "son" and cracking wise about farmers. Just to show him up, Charles enters the log-splitting contest. The big day arrives. An old woman wins the pie contest, Nellie bumps Laura to win the hoop rolling contest, and Willie wins the jump rope contest when Mary falls. Looks like it's up to Charles to win a ribbon for the family. But before the chopping contest, the elderly wife of the former logger pulls Charles aside, telling him how much her husband needs to feel like the "bull of the woods" just once more. Charles purposely loses to the man, who's none the wiser. The Ingalls don't go home ribbonless, though; Ma steps in and races with Laura in the 3-legged race, blowing past Nellie and Mrs. Oleson in the final stretch.

    This is a fine episode which takes place almost entirely in the town square, where we get a chance to see and hear some of the townsfolk and country neighbors usually relegated to the background. This is a great episode to watch if you want to see the layout of the town from angles rarely shown. "Founder's Day" was the Season 1 finale.