Little House on the Prairie

Season 2 Episode 2

Four Eyes

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Sep 17, 1975 on NBC

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  • The significance of this episode cannot be understated; it it introduces an issue central to the series\' plotline from Season Four on: Mary\'s failing/lost eyesight.

    This episode contains almost every element central to the themes of Little House series: a minor family crisis, a health issue, problems at school and fights with bullies, the importance of family and accepting differences. The issue of Mary\'s failing eyesight provides a sad foreshadowing, considering what eventually happened to the real (and TV) Mary Ingalls. This episode ranks as a favorite because the central issue is not failing eyesight, but the insecurity of a pre-teen girl. The episode is pertainent to real life today: we all just want to be accepted. A recommended viewing for young girls 8-12 going through identity and acceptance issues.
  • Poor Mary is struggling with her schoolwork and needs glasses - and so begin the taunts of her fellow pupils. It seems as though times have not really changed much since then, unfortunately.

    Once an excellent student, Miss Beadle, Charles and Caroline are concerned when Mary's once excellent grades begin to slip significantly. It doesn't take long for Charles to figure out that Mary is doing poorly with her studies because she can't see properly and an eye doctor in Mankato gives her a pair of shiny new spectacles that make all the difference. Most unfortunately, Nellie and Willie Oleson, among others, decide to start calling her 'four eyes' which makes Mary feel so terrible that she pretends she has lost her glasses. After some deep thought and a conversation with Miss Beadle, she realises she will never get her work done without them and miraculously finds them again.

    Given what happens to Mary and her eyesight in later seasons of the show, this was an excellent piece of foreshadowing and very well acted by Melissa Sue Anderson.