Little House on the Prairie

Season 8 Episode 3

Growin' Pains

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Oct 09, 1981 on NBC

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  • James looks up to Albert as an older brother and tags along/imitates him, thereby become annoyance. When he breaks one of Albert's possessions, the chain of events which follow convince him that the only solution is to run away.

    Not realizing that this was part of the 8th season, I noticed a bit of difference in this episode; an edginess on the part of Albert and Charles. Albert's peeved demeanor (when asking Pa if he was going to punish James twice) and Charles' sharp responses (both times he says it's his business if and when he punishes James) seemed a bit out of character for both of them. I think the attitude of Albert foreshadows his addiction in a later 8th season offering. But it was a little surprising to see Caroline's stress when Laura goes to the restaurant and mentions how Cassandra and James had been late to school several times that week. Caroline seems totally harried. Perhaps the writer wanted to show character development? After all, they had all those kids under one roof!

    Ah, it's an alright episode. I found the haunted house bit a little silly. Anyone else wonder why that man was hiding behind those crates in the first place? It's not like he could probably hear the boys climbing the steps: it was a crashing thunderstorm!
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