Little House on the Prairie

Season 5 Episode 8

Harriet's Happenings

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Oct 30, 1978 on NBC

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  • It's never a good idea to give Mrs. Oleson a chance to gossip about the citizens of Walnut Grove, but when her cousin, Sterling, comes to town and opens a small newspaper, she gets just the opportunity she has always wanted.

    Walnut Grove gets its own newspaper,'The Pen and Plow', which is owned and operated by Harriet Oleson's cousin, Sterling Murdock. Most unfortunately for the folk of Walnut Grove, after some haggling, and in return for free advertising in the paper, Sterling gives her her own column, which she titles "Harriet's Happenings", touted as a place to announce local news and events. Of course, Harriet being Harriet, nothing is ever that simple (or pleasant). Harriet uses the column to spread mallicious gossip and downright lies about everyone from a local farmer to Doctor Baker and the citizens are less than amused. Meanwhile, Mr. Murdock hires Andy and Laura to do some typesetting for him and they use this medium to announce a VERY special sale at Oleson's Mercantile - one hundred percent off everything! Needless to say, Harriet's column and the paper are soon defunct, a fact which certainly pleases the Walnut Grove citizens.

    A delightful episode with plenty of humour which is sure to keep you entertained.
  • When Hariots cousin arrive in town he sets up a newspaper which allows Mrs Olsen a medium for her gossiping.

    Harriet’s cousin arrives in Walnut Grove to set up a newspaper. The Garvey and the Ingals pick up some extra work from him.

    Hariot has a column in the newspaper called "Hariot’s Happenings". Mrs Olsen uses this column to spread vicious gossip about the town’s people, in particular a young German boy who beat Nellie in the Local Spelling Competition. .

    The Ingal’s become angry with Hariot’s continual gossiping and boycott the paper. Charles also tells Laura and Albert they can no longer work for the paper. .

    Before they leave the paper, Laura and Albert decide to give Mrs Olsen a taste of her own medicine. They change the printing of the next edition of the paper to include some interesting “facts” about Mrs Olsen. .

    While Rev. Aldern is away Charles has to take the service, he decides this the perfect time to teach Mrs Olsen a valuable lesson. Charles asks Hariot to come and read a passage from the Bible, when she is unable to read it (because it’s written in German), she realises that she was wrong about the German family. .
    Charles then delivers a heretfelt service giving the whole town something to think about. .

    The confrontation between Caroline and Hariot regarding the punishment of the children is hilarious.