Little House on the Prairie

Season 6 Episode 26

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (2)

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM May 12, 1980 on NBC

Episode Recap

Houston presses Laura for the advance rent and explains he's only the caretaker, not the owner. Laura is adamant that they will have the money and doesn't see a problem in continuing to clean up the building. She is approached by Almanzo and they make small talk politely until he gives her a crack about her father letting her out of his sight. An argument ensues before Houston brings over the owner of the building, Mr. Pimms.

Pimms wants all $80 by the coming Saturday and Laura tries to explain that she will have most of it, but not all of it. He isn't interested in waiting for his money and her pleas to consider the plight of the blind children fall on his deaf ears. Almanzo witnesses this exchange and goes to work. While there, he finds that a co-worker has been injured carrying ice during an early-morning shift. He asks for the job which he is sure he can do in addition to his work loading and unloading inventory at the general store.

At Nellie's, Charles, Caroline and Laura count up the money they have and it amounts to only $60. When Nellie offers them some pie, Charles politely declines but at Percival's behest, tries it and finds that it's delicious. They all try a slice and marvel at how polite she is. Charles jokes that her change in behavior is temporary insanity. The levity changes when Laura mentions that she saw Almanzo in Sleepy Eye and they argued. Caroline tries to encourage her, but Laura is certain that it's over.

After they leave, Percival decides to head off to bed not hearing Nellie call him her "prince".

In Sleepy Eye, one of the saloon girls approaches Almanzo while he's packing ice and flirts. She asks him to rub some of the water from the ice off her back and he politely obliges. Unfortunately, Laura drives by at that moment and sees him.

When she gets to the new school, Laura is surprised when Houston tells her the $60 she has is more than enough as Mr. Pimms has inexplicably lowered the rent. Hester-Sue arrives with the children and they are given a tour by Adam. The children are moved by their new home and one of them, Susan, asks if they could thank God. She leads them all in prayer.

That night, Laura cries in her room at the school when Mary enters to check on her. She tells Mary about how she saw Almanzo rubbing the back of a scantily-clad saloon girl with make-up. Mary tells her that he's not worth crying over if he is attracted to someone like that and comforts her sister who wants nothing more than to go home and not have to see him around town.

While working in the kitchen together, Nellie raves about Percival and questions Caroline about whether a man would like a woman taller than he. Caroline isn't sure how to advise her, but mentions that, in Percival's case, he shouldn't be too picky about height.

She tries very hard to assist the customers in the dining room, but a regular customer who is difficult to please complains about the bread and Percival must intervene and remind Nellie to be polite. While completing the bill for another customer, she deliberately bends her legs, trying to look shorter, but Percival miscontrues this as an attempt to make fun of his height. When she runs after him to explain, the hard-to-please customer demands his bread and she throws it at him.

Loading ice in the rain with a bad cough, Almanzo stops to take money to Houston to supplement the blind school's rent. He finds out that Laura has already left and brushes off Houston's concern over his cough. On the way out, he collapses and falls down the stairs and Houston runs to his aid.

The family tries to comfort Laura at dinner who is still depressed. She goes up to her room right before Charles arrives home. He and Caroline go to her and Charles reveals that he went to Sleepy Eye to tell off Almanzo. Instead, he discovered that Almanzo has been paying Houston the difference in rent. He doesn't know if there's anything going on with the saloon girl, but he admits he was wrong about Almanzo's character. He tells Laura that Almanzo has pneumonia and is being cared for at the blind school by Houston. Charles promises to take her to Sleepy Eye the next morning.

When they arrive, they find that he's feverish and Houston tells them that ice is being sent over to pack him in it. While Charles goes to check on the ice, Laura asks Houston why Almanzo didn't tell her. He explains that people in love do strange things and that's why he never married himself. But, living alone all of one's life isn't the most attractive journey. He encourages her to talk to Almanzo's heart and believes he will fight to recover. Laura marvels that Houston would understand what is in people's hearts and he tells her that he's been alone until Laura and the blind children arrived. They've given him a reason to love.

When she's alone with Almanzo, she hugs him and tells him she loves him.

Having successfully prepared a meal quickly and to Percival's satisfaction, Nellie is confident that she will be able to outcook Mrs. Ingalls. However, she is horrified when Percival reveals that his job is done and he will be leaving. He tells her that he is certain she can take over the restaurant and will gain additional speed in time. He will leave at the end of the week. She thanks him for helping her, but he maintains it was only his job. When alone, she cries over the sink.

Almanzo awakes, covered in ice, with Laura there. She asks him why he didn't tell her about the money and he explains he didn't want her to feel the need to be nice to him because of it. She tells him she loves him more than anyone else, even the saloon girl. He doesn't understand what she means and begins laughing when she explains. Almanzo explains that he dried off some water from her back and that was all. He thought he could forget Laura, but knows she's the only woman for him and is willing to wait however long it is necessary for her to marry him.

By the end of the week, an almost-recovered Almanzo takes Laura home after being thanked by Adam and Mary. They kiss on the way out of town and Almanzo accidentally steers the team into the porch of the general store.

The delighted Olesons go to their daughter's room to find her crying over Percival's imminent departure. She reveals that she's in love with him over her mother's protests that he's too short. Her father asks if she's ever told Percival this and advises her to do so before his stagecoach arrives. Nels also prevents his wife from trying to stop her.

Nellie approaches him on the street and tells her he loves him. He reveals he loves her, too, but cautions her he won't get any taller. She reminds him she won't get any shorter either. He asks her to marry him and she happily accepts. Their kiss is interrupted by her mother protesting from the window. Nellie tells her they are getting married and Percival adds the wedding will be the next day. Harriet doesn't consider it enough to plan for a church wedding, but Percival tells her it must be a simple wedding outside as he's Jewish. Harriet is about to throw a fit when her husband reminds her that someone is marrying her daughter.

The next day, they are wed by Dr. Baker in an outdoor ceremony. Before they drive off to the honeymoon, Nellie tosses the bouquet and Laura catches it.

Caroline reminds Charles to tell them the news. Reluctantly, but steadfast, he approaches Laura and Almanzo and tells them he may marry Laura in one year. Nevertheless, he scoops Grace up as a little toddler boy kisses her and tells her she will have to wait til she's 18.

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