Little House on the Prairie

Season 6 Episode 26

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (2)

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM May 12, 1980 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The song that Houston plays on his harmonica in the scene where Almanzo brings him the rent money is the theme music from the end credits of the show.

    • In the last scene, baby Grace has quite an adorable kissing scene with another little boy. Some fans may be surprised to learn that the real Grace Ingalls met and married a 42-year-old man, Nate Dow, when she herself was only 24!

    • Look very closely at the expression on Nellie's face when Percival says "Now for the honeymoon!" at the end of the episode. You have to really watch, because they only show her face for a second.

  • Quotes

    • Nellie: Mrs. Oleson, can I ask you a question?
      Caroline: Certainly. What is it?
      Nellie: Well, I was just men like taller women?
      Caroline: (pauses) Some do.
      Nellie: But most of them don't?
      Caroline: Oh, I don't know what the percentages are.
      Nellie: Well, it can't be very high. I don't know a man in Walnut Grove whose wife is taller than he is.
      Caroline: Well, I think most men are just taller than women. I mean, a man might want to marry a taller woman, but he just can't find one.
      Nellie: I don't think Percival likes tall women.
      Caroline: (smiles) Well, I think that in his case, he better start!

    • Nellie: Why are you always the one to complain?
      Customer: Because I've always got a reason! This bread isn't even warm!
      Nellie: Well, it will be once you shove it down your throat! (goes after him)
      Percival: Nellie!
      Nellie: (embarrassed) Oh, Percival. (turns to customer) I'm sorry about the bread. It will only take me a minute to heat it up......

    • Houston: Folks in love do strange things. That's why I never fell in love -- I was afraid I'd do something strange. But when you think about it, there ain't nothing stranger than spending your life all alone.
      Laura: You're a strange man, Houston. You've never been in love, yet you talk about it like you know everything about it.
      Houston: Talk to his heart. You're a very special little lady, you know that?

    • Grace: (Kisses little boy)
      Charles: (Picks Grace up and carries her away) You are going to wait until you're 18, young lady.
      Little Boy: I love her!

    • Caroline: Have you told them yet?
      Charles: No.
      Caroline: Well, now's as good a time as any.
      Charles: Yes, darling. (Walks up to Laura and Almanzo) One year. You've gotta wait one year, and that's my final word.

    • Almanzo: Oh, I thought I could forget about you, but I can't. And if I have to wait for 2 years or 20 years, I'm gonna wait, because there's nobody in the whole world for me but you, Beth.

    • Harriet: Oh, now baby, please don't be upset. Mother will find you a nice, tall man.
      Nellie: I don't want a tall man! I want Percival! I love him!
      Nels: Have you tried telling him that?
      Nellie: No.
      Nels: Then tell him!

    • Almanzo: I didn't want you to feel like you had to be nice to me because of the money.
      Laura: Be nice to you? I love you, you silly man! Nobody could ever love you as much as I do.

    • Laura: Did you see that? I can't believe it, Nellie was actually nice!
      Caroline: It's Percival. He's worked wonders with her.
      Laura: He certainly has.
      Charles: Don't worry, it's probably just temporary insanity!

    • Nellie: I have something to tell you. I love you. I love you.
      Percival: I don't know what to say.
      Nellie: you?
      Percival: Yes. I love you, too. But what about....I'm not going to get any taller.
      Nellie: And I'm not gonna get any shorter!
      Percival: Will you marry me?
      Nellie: Yes. Oh, yes!

    • Nellie: What will I say to him?
      Nels: Try "I love you". It's easy to say and it's right to the point.
      Nellie: All right. I will. I'll do it.
      Harriet: I'll go with you, honey.
      Nels: No, Harriet. No. No. No! Now let them be alone. Maybe Percival won't stop to think who his new mother-in-law is going to be!

    • Nellie: I'm too tall!
      Mrs. Oleson: Well don't blame me! It's your father's fault. Everybody's tall on his side of the family.
      Mr. Oleson: Your mother's right. Her side is just fat.
      Mrs. Oleson: How dare you!

  • Notes

    • Nellie gets married a mere 24 hours after being proposed to. The only people who beat that on the show were Grace Snider and Mr. Edwards in Season 2's Remember Me, Part 2, and they had a wedding just minutes after Mr. Edwards proposed. Nellie is also the only main character on the show who gets married without having a Church ceremony and has Doc Baker preside over the service. Everyone else--including Grace and Mr. Edwards, Mary, Laura, and Willie--was married by a Reverend.

    • Brenda Turnbaugh, who played Grace in the final scene where she kisses the little boy, has proudly proclaimed that he is the only boy other than her husband that she has ever kissed.

    • Alison Angrim and Dean Butler were credited as guests in this episode.

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