Little House on the Prairie

Season 9 Episode 22

Hello and Goodbye

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Mar 21, 1983 on NBC

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  • Beautiful Mary

    Mary Ingalls Kendall is the best personage, because the actress melissa sue is wonderful. can I to have the Dvd of all series? Cell. 3348148768 thank you Mariangela Ferrarini ,from Codogno ( Lodi ) Italy this episode is nice:Mr. Montegue is bravo writer, and a personage of big important. and almanzo are happy of his have in their house. Ferrarini
  • Should have had a better ending!

    The show I thought should have had a better ending then this. As we see a new character being introduced as he would become the cook and butler at the new inn that Laura and Almonzo run. And that he is a bit of a comic relief. Why didn't indeed was he introducted earlier. As he would had been a big improvement to the series. Meanwhile, Mr Edwards may lose his adopted son to his birth father. But Mr Edwards feels that his son may need to go with his birth father as Matthew, that's his name is growing close to his birth father. In the end, Mr. Edwards moves into the Wilder Inn.
  • An interesting goodbye to the regular run of the series.

    Again a time of change in Walnut Grove, Matthew leaves Edwards and the Wilder's boarding house fills up.

    Again, an entertaining episode of the series, but again filled with a puzzling sense that almost every season 9 episode stands on its own without a lot of continuity. Laura and Almanzo set up the boarding house (yet another "large" house in the tiny town of Walnut Grove that they inherit in the previous episode). Willie and his new wife have moved in, along with the fairly funny character of Mr. Montague -- expert in writing, traditional and herbal medicine, furniture appraisal, the languages of Mandarin and rudimentary "baby talk" from Cypress among countless things. This is the "hello". The "goodbye" is in the form of Matthew's real father coming to meet his son and eventually take him with him, leaving Mr. Edwards alone once again. Perhaps what is most puzzling about Matthew is the fact that after the struggle to claim him in the "Wild Boy" episodes, he is not referred to again until now, even when Edwards has a romance with Jane Canfield ("Love") or when Charles takes over Edwards' house to help break Albert's morphine addiction in "Home Again". Still, it is a sad moment when Edwards is again left alone in life and this subplot along with the comedy of Mr. Montague is generally well-acted.

    This episode is somewhat odd in that it seems to set up the hope of another season of episodes, as Edwards moves into the boarding house with Mr. Montague as a perfect comedic foil. I wonder if this "ensemble" idea was at least a possibility that Landon and the producers wanted to leave open. The Montague character does appear in the "Look Back to Yesterday" TV movie.