Little House on the Prairie

Season 9 Episode 22

Hello and Goodbye

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Mar 21, 1983 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Mr. Montague tells Doc Baker that he trained at the Mayo Clinic. This would seem unlikely, since the Mayo Clinic didn't open its doors until 1890. Even if the viewer believes that Mr. Montague (who is approximately in his 40's) just completed his medical training, which is unlikely as it is, he couldn't have trained at Mayo, if this episode takes place in the late 1880's.

    • Although Mr. Edwards adopted Matthew fairly early in the season, the young actor was used very sparingly, appearing only in 4 episodes: the 2-parter The Wild Boy, Part 1 of Home Again, and now this episode. Many times during the season, you would have never been able to tell that Mr. Edwards had a child unless you were a regular viewer.

    • Viewers will be as baffled as Laura and Almanzo when they see how Mr. Montague miraculously causes baby Rose to stop crying on demand. She literally goes from screaming to being completely calm within one second, and in one single shot, which seems virtually impossible, but it was somehow captured on film.

  • Quotes

    • Nancy: You're Mr. Montague, the famous writer!
      Mr. Montague: That is correct.
      Nancy: Then you know how I must feel. Pouring your entire soul into your writing, and then having somebody tell you it's no good.
      Mr. Montague: I have never had that experience.

    • Almanzo: You know, I don't know if it was such a good idea taking Mr. Montague in as a boarder.
      Laura: Why?
      Almanzo: I don't know. He's kind of strange.
      Laura: He's a writer.
      Almanzo: So? You're a writer, and you're not strange.
      Laura: Almanzo, he seems nice enough. Besides, I think he's kind of funny.
      Almanzo: Funny? I never met such a know-it-all in all my life! No matter what anyone else does, he does it better. I tell you, he acts like he's perfect.
      Mr. Montague: (walking in) It's not an act, Almanzo. I am perfect. It is a cross I must bear. (to Laura) Bacon crisp. Two eggs, cooked exactly two and a half minutes.
      Laura: Certainly. (Baby Rose starts crying hysterically from her high chair)
      Mr. Montague: Ooh-ka, wa-wa. Noo? No-kah! (Rose stops crying immediately) A rudimentary form of baby talk I picked up on the island of Cyprus. I'll be at the table.
      Laura: (stunned) Maybe he is perfect!

    • Mr. Rogers: (about Matthew) I don't understand. What is he--
      Mr. Edwards: It's called sign language. He can't talk no other way.
      Mr. Rogers: But there was nothing wrong when he was a child. He was already beginning to talk.
      Mr. Edwards: Seems somebody at the workhouse wanted to teach Matthew a lesson, so they forced lye down his throat.

    • Mr. Edwards: I'll tell you something, Mr. Montygoo--
      Mr. Montague: Montague!
      Mr. Edwards: Oh. Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Say, I think you and I have a lot in common.
      Mr. Montague: I hope not!

    • Nancy: (upset and overdramatic after Mr. Montague's criticism) I'm going to kill myself! (runs upstairs)
      Harriet: (walks in from storeroom) Here you are, Mr. Montague. We had everything that was on your list.
      Mr. Montague: Thank you. Put it on my bill.
      Harriet: Yes, certainly......where's Nancy?
      Mr. Montague: I believe she said she was going upstairs to commit suicide. Good day.

    • Mr. Montague: (reading Nancy's essay) Your Miss Plum was very generous in giving you a passing grade.
      Nancy: You hate me, too!
      Mr. Montague: Oh, not yet, but if I spent some more time with you, I'm very sure it could develop into that.

  • Notes

    • This is the first time in four years that a season of Little House did not end with a two-part finale episode. The last time they ended with a regular one-hour episode was in Season 5's The Odyssey. Seasons 1, 2, 5, and 9 are the only ones not to conclude with a 2-part special.

    • This is the only full season of the series that does not feature Melissa Sue Anderson (Mary Ingalls) in a single episode. She does not appear in any of the three Season 10 movies, either.

    • As the series concluded, Melissa Gilbert (Laura) is the only actress to appear in almost every episode of Little House, missing only 8 throughout the entire 10-year run.

    • This is the only season of Little House that goes the entire year without featuring the entire Ingalls family in at least one episode. Mary was largely absent in Seasons 7 and 8, but she at least appeared a couple times in both.

    • This ends up being the final appearance of Katherine MacGregor as Harriet Oleson. Sadly, the character was not featured at all in the three "Season 10" movies, because MacGregor was traveling out of the country.

    • John is the only member of the Carter family to appear in this season finale episode. Sarah, Jeb, and Jason are the only main cast members from Season 9 who are not in this episode; everyone else is accounted for.

    • You may recognize Robert Casper (Mr. Montague) as the actor who appeared in Season 2 of the popular 1980's children's series Punky Brewster. In the 5-part season finale entitled Changes, he starred in Parts 4 and 5 as a kindly rich man who almost adopted Punky. His role in that show was certainly a lot more humble than Mr. Montague!

    • This episode marks the third family of Mr. Edwards' that falls apart--and interestingly, he lost each family in a different way. His first wife and daughter died from an illness, and Mr. Edwards' alcoholism prompted his second wife Grace to divorce him and take their adopted children with her. This time, Mr. Edwards loses his adopted son Matthew when the child's real father returns for custody.

    • Featured characters: Mr. Edwards and Sherwood Montague

    • Mr. Montague, what a character! He is not intending to make you laugh, but he will make you smile at the very least. He is just 'perfect'. (see also Quotes & Goofs)

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