Little House on the Prairie

Season 9 Episode 17

Home Again (Part 2)

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Feb 07, 1983 on NBC

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  • As far as love can go.

    Beautiful is the scene when dad confronts the boy about the morphine he found in his shoe. They are yelling and struggling a way back to each other. Dad finally admits to the boy he really was planning leaving him behind (for the best) and the boy admits the drugs abuse. They hug and Albert says sorry but still tells his father what he wants to hear... Only once and a while... Heartbreaking are the words: "Please don`t leave me."
    Then times became really rough. Albert in withdrawal becomes aggressive, running away and trying to steal some morphine by doctor Baker. They catch him and dad takes the boy to mr. Edwards house to support him in a really bad withdrawal. And his father showed him about real love, by supporting him in his deepest nightmare. Beautiful are the words Albert speaks to the class just before he and his dad are going home: "Don`t let anybody fool you. Drugs aren`t grown up. Nothing what makes you lie and steal and hurts your family`s is grown up."