Little House on the Prairie

Season 9 Episode 17

Home Again (Part 2)

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Feb 07, 1983 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The nighttime scene where it shows Mr. Edwards' house, they show the inside where Charles is asleep in the rocking chair. And just as they are showing the bedroom where Albert is sleeping, you can hear Albert screaming just a couple of seconds before Albert himself starts to scream.

    • At the end of the episode Laura says: "years later Albert Ingalls returned to Walnut Grove, and we were all so proud to have Dr. Albert Ingalls home again." However, we know that Albert died before becoming a doctor. Last time we heard about him was in "Look Back to Yesterday" when he was about to start medical school and went to Walnut Grove to spend his last days when he was diagnosed a terminal illness.

    • During his withdrawal from morphine, Albert has spasms, then vomits violently as he's hunched over in bed. Yet seconds later, when he begins having more spasms, the viewer can see his pants, shoes and the bed quilt, and they are completely clean.

    • In this episode, when Miss Plum tries to stop Albert from beating up Jeb, Albert slaps her right across the face. Miss Plum and Miss Beadle are the only Walnut Grove teachers who were ever physically hurt by a student (although neither of them were seriously injured). Remember that something similar happened to Miss Beadle in Season 2's Troublemaker, when she tried to break up a fight between two boys.

    • It seems unlikely that nobody in school teased Jason about his glasses except little Tami, at the very end of the episode. As cute as he is, those were some pretty big, goofy-looking glasses that Jason chose, and it's a stretch to believe that none of the kids commented on them.

    • Jason's subplot in this episode is, in a lot of ways, similar to Season 2's Four Eyes, when Mary Ingalls received her first pair of glasses. Just like Mary, Jason is initially very excited about having a new pair of glasses (even though he doesn't actually need them), and like Mary, he has a change of heart about the glasses when a classmate calls him Four Eyes.

    • When Albert goes crazy at school and starts beating up on Jeb Carter, you can see that Albert is really pounding hard on him, and he punches him in the face multiple times. Surely that was enough to knock Jeb out and really hurt him, yet it was never shown that Jeb was injured. The next time we saw him at the end of the episode, he didn't have so much as a black eye.

  • Quotes

    • John: Doc Baker's gonna drive you into town and check your eyes.
      Jason: Oh, good! I need glasses, Doc Baker--real bad.
      Doc Baker: Well, we'll find out.
      Jason: I know it for a fact!
      Doc Baker: You mind if I give you a second opinion?

    • Doc Baker: How you doing, Mr. Edwards?
      Mr. Edwards: Sorry, Doc, I'm not sick! (laughs hysterically)
      Doc Baker: Why does everybody insist on telling the same joke?

    • John: (about Jason) I still don't understand, Doc. Why give the boy glasses if he doesn't need them?
      Doc Baker: Because he thinks he needs them. What harm can it do, especially if it helps him with his schoolwork?
      John: None, I suppose. (laughs) He sure does like them. I had a hard time getting them off him last night when he went to bed.
      Doc Baker: It's like when you get a new suit, or when your wife gets a new hat. You look good, so you feel good. Now, Jason thinks he looks smart in those glasses, so maybe they'll help him be smart.
      John: All right, Doc, you sold me. It sure is hard to figure out young'uns sometimes.
      Doc Baker: Yeah, well, I'll wager that they say the same thing about their parents.

    • Albert: (to Miss Plum) My Pa and I are leaving today. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for what I did. (turns to class) There's something else I wanted to say, also. I acted that way because of a drug--a drug called morphine. I started taking it to be "one of the boys." I thought I was really grown-up. Well, don't let anybody fool you. Drugs aren't grown-up. Nothing that makes you lie, and steal, and hurt your family is grown-up. I could have died from it. I was lucky, I got another chance. A lot of people aren't as lucky. All I'm saying is, don't be dumb. Don't throw your life away just to be like somebody else. You're better off just being you.

    • Doc Baker: How's Albert been feeling?
      Charles: Fine. He hasn't been sick.
      Doc Baker: I mean his moods. Has he been happy? Sad? Both?
      Charles: Up and down. More up since we've been home. He's working hard in school, and he's away from that bad bunch in the city--
      Doc Baker: Does he sleep a lot?
      Charles: Yeah, he sleeps a lot. He's a growing boy. What's this all about?
      Doc Baker: I have a suspicion. It's only a suspicion, mind you, but--
      Charles: Well, come on, Doc, out with it. What is it?
      Doc Baker: Someone tampered with a shipment I received. A shipment of morphine.
      Charles: Oh, come on. I know my son's been in his share of trouble, but Albert wouldn't do anything like that.
      Doc Baker: Are you sure?
      Charles: Yes.
      Doc Baker: Sure enough to search his things?
      Charles: Yes, I am!
      Doc Baker: He's in school right now.
      Charles: (angry) All right, let's get this nonsense over with.

    • Charles: (searching Albert's things for morphine) His things are in the top drawer. (searches through them) Nothing.
      Doc Baker: What about the closet? (frustrated, Charles opens closet, feels through Albert's shirts, finds a brown bag, opens it)
      Charles: Sourballs. They're his favorite.
      Doc Baker: What about the shoes?
      Charles: Oh, come on, Hiram--
      Doc Baker: I want to be wrong, Charles.

  • Notes

    • The little blonde-haired girl (and the object of young Jason's affections) who arrives at school at the end of this episode is named Tami Cook, played by Shonda Whipple. She showed up again in Season 10's Look Back to Yesterday, and Jason still had a crush on her, but in that later episode, her name was Amy Bryant.

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