Little House on the Prairie

Season 9 Episode 17

Home Again (Part 2)

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Feb 07, 1983 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • John: (about Jason) I still don't understand, Doc. Why give the boy glasses if he doesn't need them?
      Doc Baker: Because he thinks he needs them. What harm can it do, especially if it helps him with his schoolwork?
      John: None, I suppose. (laughs) He sure does like them. I had a hard time getting them off him last night when he went to bed.
      Doc Baker: It's like when you get a new suit, or when your wife gets a new hat. You look good, so you feel good. Now, Jason thinks he looks smart in those glasses, so maybe they'll help him be smart.
      John: All right, Doc, you sold me. It sure is hard to figure out young'uns sometimes.
      Doc Baker: Yeah, well, I'll wager that they say the same thing about their parents.