Little House on the Prairie

Season 7 Episode 20

I Do, Again

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Mar 02, 1981 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode opens with Laura joyfully announcing to Almanzo and her parents that she is expecting a child. At the exact same time, Caroline announces that she too is pregnant with what she believes is a boy. This ends up being a preconceived notion that she didn't even confirm with Doc Baker.

The Ingalls matriarch goes over the edge when Doc Baker tells her she is no longer fertile and thus will never give birth to another child. The pain runs especially deep with Caroline because she knows now that she can never give her husband a son of his own, and she fears that Charles will now think of her as a helpless "nothing."

Caroline keeps hiding the whole thing from Charles, even though Dr. Baker urges her to tell him the truth. Watching Nellie and Percival fawn joyfully over their newborn twins only worsens the pain. After Caroline carries the secrecy for a full week, Dr. Baker threatens to tell Charles himself if she doesn't say something within 24 hours. Caroline breaks down at home shortly after that, and when Charles comes rushing home to her, Caroline tells him that she lost the baby.

Charles goes to Doc Baker for comfort and finds out that Caroline didn't tell him the whole truth. She didn't lose the baby--she was never even pregnant in the first place. Charles is very confused and hurt when he discovers this, but Doc Baker encourages him to give his wife all the love he can in this extremely difficult time. After that, Charles goes over to the school to be with Laura, and he tells her what happened. They talk for a while about what Charles can do to cheer Caroline up, and Laura advises him to be strong for Caroline's sake. "You can't let her know how much that baby meant to you," Laura says. "And I know it did. I know it did." At this point, Charles breaks into tears and cries on his daughter's shoulder.

Later that night, when Charles and Caroline are talking at home, Charles decides the best way to cope is to take Caroline back to her hometown for an old friend's wedding. She is still hurting and not in much of the mood to go, but the two decide to go for it anyway. Along the way, Charles confides in Caroline that ever since she told him about her "pregnancy," he worried about how he would manage to provide for another child. He talks about how financially difficult it's been to raise their children and what little time he and Caroline have had to spend alone. What's more, Charles even admits that as happy as he was to hear about the baby, there were times when he wished it wouldn't come at all. This honesty brings Charles and Caroline even closer together, as they now realize that they have a beautiful family and, more importantly, they have one another.

Charles and Caroline have a wonderful time visiting with their old friends, and before long, they are both feeling much better. They get to hold hands and walk through their childhood hometown, just as they used to, and the one-on-one time proves to be the best medicine for them. They even go back to Caroline's childhood house. From there, Charles climbs up a ladder to Caroline's bedroom window--just as he did when he was dating her. He proposes to her, and they decide to renew their vows.

Charles and Caroline's friends think it is a bit unusual that they are doing this, but nevertheless, they share in the excitement with them. When Charles and Caroline mention their plans to have a quiet ceremony later, the soon-to-be-married couple make the mutual decision to invite Charles and Caroline to partake in their wedding as a "double couple." They agree with gratitude, and Caroline's old friend--the mother of the groom, who never had any daughters of her own--insists that Caroline wear her wedding dress that she saved.

Back in Walnut Grove, Almanzo and Laura are baby-sitting Carrie and Grace. Almanzo has a great time reading bedtime stories to little Grace, but Laura is still concerned about her mother. She is remembering how empty and sad her Ma looked when they left, but what she does not know is that Charles and Caroline are actually having a great time on their vacation. A few minutes later, Caroline calls to let Laura know that not only is everything all right, but she and Charles are getting married again.

The next day, the wedding takes place, and it is a beautiful ceremony. As Charles and Caroline drive away afterward, they have a bond that is stronger than ever before.