Little House on the Prairie

Season 7 Episode 20

I Do, Again

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Mar 02, 1981 on NBC

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  • When Caroline gets carried away with the thought that she may be pregnant with Charles' first son, she soon discovers that her childbearing days are through. The anguish this brings causes her to briefly pretend that she is, in fact, pregnant.

    I found this episode to be out of character for Caroline. Yes, I acknowledge that there have been several times when she has become unhinged, but I expressed disapproval at those, precisely because I have always seen Caroline as a rock; the family's backbone. It is normal to have disappointment and angst about ending one's childbearing years, however, the extent of the whole affair seemed a bit much, IMO. I did appreciate the anguish that she showed when having to be around Nellie's babies. Was anyone else not happy with Charles' lying to make Caroline feel better?

    Another highlight of this episode is the announcement by Laura that she is pregnant! There were two sweet scenes: when Doc Baker tells her and they embrace (knowing that he's been her doctor since she was little) and when she tells Almonzo and her parents.
  • Caroline discovers she is no longer able to bear children and is heartbroken. Charles goes out of his way to show her he loves her for more than her ability to bear children. We learn Laura is pregnant in this episode also.

    Caroline believes she is pregnant, and is so sure, she tells Charles and others. After a visit to the doctor, she discovers she is not pregnant and has mistaken early menopause for pregnancy.
    She must now tell Charles but fears he will be crushed because of his excitement at the possibility of a son. Caroline fears she will be nothing to him now that she can not have children. She is heartbroken.
    Although Charles is very disapointed, he is determined to help Caroline through her sadness. He plans a trip away for the two of them and assures her repeatedly of his love for her. He courts her, proposes again, and has a wedding ceremony for her.