Little House on the Prairie

Season 1 Episode 6

If I Should Wake Before I Die

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Oct 23, 1974 on NBC

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  • A good lesson for us all.

    Plans are underway for a special birthday celebration for one of the town's elderly residents. She is excited because her daughter is supposed to attend. However, a telegram (or letter) arrives stating (yet again) the daughter can't make it. The depression and grief lead to the old woman's death.

    As her friend realizes how many people show up for the funeral, and her own children never visit her either, she comes up with a plan to fake her death so she can see them before she, too, passes away for real. The few folks in on the ruse think it's a bad idea, but they aren't really given much choice.

    Dressed all in black, veil and all, she watches as one after another of her children arrive, each lamenting the fact they hadn't come to see mama sooner. Then "mama" throws back her veil and lights into each of them for it taking her "death" to bring them to town. One by one she shames them in a very tearful scene before expressing how much she loves and misses them.

    It shows us that life is so short and unpredictable. We need to find time for our loved ones. It also shows how lonely older people can be when they are forgotten. I found this episode to be heartwarming, touching, with a good lesson to boot.