Little House on the Prairie

Season 3 Episode 16

Injun Kid

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Jan 31, 1977 on NBC

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  • The widow of a Native American Indian returns to Walnut Grove with her son and receives a less than welcome reception from her father.

    Spotted Eagle, a young boy whose Indian father has recently died, returns to Walnut Grove with his mother to meet the grandfather he has never seen. His arrival is not exactly well received and his grandfather insists that he use the name "Joseph" rather than his Indian name. He also insists that his daughter tell the townspeople that she adopted the boy after he had been orphaned because he can't bear what he considers the shame of the town knowing that his daughter had been legally married to a native.

    Only Laura and Mary will give Spotted Eagle the time of day at school, which causes problems for them as well as for him. The majority of the students avoid him and make fun of him.

    The episode had a good premise concerning racial tolerance but it totally lacked follow through which, to me, made it both predictable and boring.