Little House on the Prairie

Season 3 Episode 16

Injun Kid

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Jan 31, 1977 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Jeremy: How could you fall in love with one of them?
      Amelia: Well, White Buffalo was one of the kindest, most loving men I've ever known!
      Jeremy: He was a savage!
      Amelia: What about the soldiers that killed him? What about them? You said to put the past behind us.
      Jeremy: I knew you had married him. I wouldn't have known you were a willing squall!
      Amelia: What about Spotted Eagle?
      Jeremy: He's an orphan. You adopted him.
      Amelia: How many people are gonna believe that? I lived with them for twelve years, Papa!
      Jeremy: They'll believe it now! And you're not gonna change that.
      Amelia: He's my flesh and blood, and yours, too!
      Jeremy: He is not! I have held up my head all the time you've been gone, young lady, and you are not going to shame me now! I want you with me, Amelia. But it's got to be the way I say.
      Amelia: All right. Say what you want. It won't change the fact that he's my son, and he's your grandson!