Little House on the Prairie

Season 7 Episode 2

Laura Ingalls Wilder (2)

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Sep 29, 1980 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Laura says that school is out for the mid-year break and she will begin teaching in Radner in a few weeks, which leads us to believe that it's winter break. Laura and Almanzo get married on the same day that Laura was supposed to go to Radner to teach. The problem is that later in the episode, it is stated that Laura and Almanzo get married on Mary and Adam's anniversary, which is on August 15, as stated in season 5's The Wedding. How could the wedding date be August 15 if the mid-year break is just ending? (unless Laura was referring to summer break when she said "mid-year break")

    • Laura says in a narrative that it was "nearing the mid-year school break" and almost time for her to begin teaching at Radnor. However, mid-year school break would be winter, and the clothing everyone is wearing and the landscape suggests that it is late spring or early summer.

    • When Charles and Almanzo are eating together during lunch break, Charles tells him that positive means "wrong at the top of your voice." This was the second time this expression was used on the show, the first instance during Season 5's Lake Kezia Monster between Kezia and Reverend Alden.

    • When Laura excitedly runs into the schoolhouse to tell Eliza Jane that she accepted the Radford teaching position, she calls her Eliza, which seems odd, since she is essentially "student teaching" under her. However, in a later scene, Laura goes back to calling her Miss Wilder.

    • This episode marks the fact that Laura and Almanzo share a wedding anniversary with Mary and Adam, which is obviously completely fictional, since the real Mary Ingalls never got married.

    • Goof: When Laura and Almanzo are having their big argument, he yells at her, "It's a real diamond in there, you know, not just glass!" But later, when he catches her on the stagecoach, he takes out the ring, and its just a plain gold band.

    • In this episode, Laura wears a green dress to her wedding. The real Laura Ingalls Wilder was married in a black one, however.

    • Nitpick: Laura and Almanzo were married on August 25, and Mary and Adam claim it's the same day of their anniversary, but if you remember Season 5's The Wedding, their marriage date was August 15, so this is incorrect.

    • Somehow, the writers manage to cover four year's time in a span of just 10 episodes. Episode #131, "Whatever Happened to the Class of '56?", takes place in 1881, while "Laura Ingalls Wilder" would have to have been four years later--the Wilders were married August 25, 1885. And while Laura was indeed 18 when she married Almanzo, they were not married in Sleepy Eye, MN, but in DeSmet, South Dakota.

    • Albert and the rest of the kids are missing because Charles and Caroline had gone to visit Adam and Mary for their anniversary. Laura and Almonzo drove there to tell them they were getting married and decided on the spur of the moment to get married right then.

  • Quotes

    • Almanzo: Oh, I see. You want me to apologize and say how wrong I was, and how right you were. Well, I'm not gonna do it! I'm not gonna knuckle down just so you'll be happy! There's gonna be a lot more to our marriage than that!
      Laura: Well, who says we're getting married?
      Almanzo: I am! You're wearing the engagement ring I gave you, aren't you? The one I still make payments for every month!
      Laura: (takes ring off) Here, take it! You shouldn't be buying things on credit, anyway!
      Almanzo: I didn't hear you complaining when I gave it to you.
      Laura: Well, I didn't hear you complaining about payments when you gave it to me!

    • Almanzo: (about Laura) Mr. offense, but do you have any idea what your daughter is like?
      Charles: I think so. She's a lot like me.
      Almanzo: Well, again, no offense, sir, but that must be mighty hard on Mrs. Ingalls.

    • Eliza Jane: (to Laura about her fight with Almanzo) How long are you two gonna keep this up?
      Laura: You'll have to ask your brother that.
      Eliza Jane: I did. He told me to ask you.
      Laura: Well, you can tell him that it will last until he comes to his senses and realizes that we all have a life to live. I'm a teacher, I have the opportunity to teach, and I'm going to!

    • Almanzo: There's nothing worse than trying to talk to a stubborn person.
      Charles: Oh, so you talk to yourself a lot, do you, boy? Let me tell you something. You're just as stubborn as my daughter, and in this case, even more so.

    • Eliza Jane: (overvoice) Dear Diary: my brother was married today. I've never been happier in my life. (pause) Really, I haven't.

    • Eliza Jane: I admire you, Laura.
      Laura: Why?
      Eliza Jane: Because you're honest. You aren't afraid to say what you think.
      Laura: Well, sometimes you have to. It's like my Pa always says. You have to tell people how you feel. It's not always easy, but in the long run, it's the only way. (pause) But it sure is hard when you love somebody.

    • Almanzo: (after catching up with Laura's coach) Laura! Eliza and Harv are getting married!
      Laura: Well, I'm very glad to hear that. But did you have to run all the way up here just to tell me that?
      Almanzo: Laura, she's going to St. Louis. Don't you see? Walnut Grove will need a new teacher. And we can live in my house! You can teach, and we can still be together!
      Laura: But I thought you didn't want me to teach.
      Almanzo: Why do you listen to me? You know how stubborn I am! Besides, it wasn't the teaching so much. It was the being apart. Laura, I love you. Please say yes. Look, I brought the ring. (Takes out ring) Will you marry me?
      Laura: (Begins to smile) Of course I will! (Jumps out of coach into his arms)

    • Charles: (in response to Eliza Jane lying about her relationship with Harv) Why, Eliza?
      Eliza Jane: I want to start over. I need a change. It was a chance to do something for Almanzo and Laura. You don't know my brother like I do. He wouldn't let me just go off to be alone, even though it's what I want. He's always been very close to me. Too close, perhaps. Too protective. It's time we both led our own lives. Please don't say anything, Charles. Believe me, I know what I'm doing, and it makes me happy. I'll write Almanzo later and tell him things didn't work out between Harv and me. By then, I'll be settled and teaching again. I'll be fine, really. Let them have this glorious day.

  • Notes

    • Featured characters: Laura, Almanzo, and Eliza Jane

    • This is the final appearance of Lucy Lee Flippin (Eliza Jane Wilder) as a regular cast member. She only came back for three episodes after this: Season 7's A Wiser Heart (where she had a major role) and Season 8's Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow, Parts 1 and 2.

    • Much of the narration in this episode comes from Eliza Jane through her diary. She also provides the overvoice at the end, an honor that was usually given to Laura.

    • Dean Butler as Almanzo Wilder was credited a guest, (as he is a main part of the story).

    • The town (credits) were represented by only Nellie, Adam and Albert, but there were plenty of co-stars.

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