Little House on the Prairie

Season 9 Episode 5

Little Lou

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Oct 25, 1982 on NBC

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  • The LHOTP writers are clearly out of ideas, so a widowed dwarf raising his infant daughter comes to town.

    At this point in the LHOTP series, it\'s painfully obvious that the writers were pretty much out of storylines. A widowed dwarf raising an infant moves to town. Mrs. Oleson is of course mean to him, because she\'s just nasty, but they make her seem exceptionally mean, and for no reason, in this episode. It\'s uncomfortabe to watch, frankly. The climax of the episode has Mrs. Oleson "seeing the light" after Lou saves Nancy's life after she falls down a well.

    Aside from that, this is a recycled episode, two of the storylines having already been covered in past episodes: \"The Creeper of Walnut Grove\", about a boy who must steal food to care for his father, and \"Little Girl Lost\", wherein Carrie falls down a well. The only difference with the latter topic is that when Carrie fell down the well, we wanted her to live; when Nancy fell down the well, we wanted her to stay there. But no, it\'s dwarf to the rescue, since he\'s the only one who can fit down the hole! And THAT story line was borrowed from an episode of \"The Brady Bunch\". Please...
  • Creepy old man has a baby

    What a strange episode. The woman supposedly giving birth to the baby looks like she's in her 70's, as does the father. They could have at least found actors that fit a realistic age range.