Little House on the Prairie

Season 9 Episode 21

May I Have This Dance?

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Mar 14, 1983 on NBC

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  • One Of The Best Olsen Story Lines!

    So I Have To Say That This Was I Think The Best Olsen Story Line Because Willie Finally Just Gives His Mother What She Deserved All Those Years. I Just Wished He Would Have Done It Sooner. I Think As Willie Got Older He Firgured Out That His Mother Was Plain Out Crazy. And I Guess That Willie Took It Until She Tried To Come Between Him And The one He Loves! I Guess That Was The Final Straw. I That nellie Started To See She Was Crazy Too When Nancy Ran Off.But I Think Thats All! Peace Computerchick91
  • Notes section contains an error

    After having recently viewed this episode, Willie or his father stated that he was 18. The actor may have really been 14, but in the story he was 18. That's why he was ready for college, and marriage. It was somewhere in the first 30 minutes of this episode when they mentioned this and they were standing in the Oleson's store. Can anyone tell me if the two hour shows are on the DVD's. Also, why is the scene when Charles tells Caroline about Mary's blindness prognosis, left out of DVD's. IS that on the regular DVD season box set? Great show.
  • Willie Oleson grows up and gets married, defying his ever-controlling mother.

    This is one of the last well-writen episodes of the LHOTP series, and it nicely brings little Willie Oleson into adulthood. When Willie wants to marry a lovely young girl from town, his mother forbids it, telling everyone who will listen that the girl in question is ruining his chances at a good future (and going to college). The bride-to-be actually begins to think she may be right, but Willie assures her otherwise and the wedding goes on as planned. Harriet shows up for the ceremony in head-to-toe black, including a veil, and sobs not too quietly at the back of the church.

    It's fun to see bratty little Willie all grown up. A later episode portrays his wife as quite a little sexpot (!), who instigates some "newlywed time" at every opportunity. Hmm..can you say "desperate for ratings?".