Little House on the Prairie

Season 4 Episode 11

Meet Me At The Fair

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Nov 28, 1977 on NBC

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  • reasons I LIKED this episode (well, one ;)

    I agree this episode is on the low list, but I had my own reasons for liking it -- LHOP came to MY TOWN to film this episode (at Old Tucson Movie Set) and I got to be IN my favorite show at age 10, as a background person for two days (and made money to boot!). Met all of the stars (some super-fun, others snotty -- Allison Arngrim, you rocked; Melissa Gilbert, sullen and rude, but hey, she was a kid working a hard life, right?) and had a fab time. My sister bought me the season on DVD recently and at ~40, I finally got to see it since the first time it aired. When Laura is frantically looking for Carrie at the Carousel, talking to the operator, I'm the gal in red plaid at the end of the line, then I turn and you can see my face. So what if it sucked, we were kids -- none of it was really as great as the books, so make sure you start your kids there before turning to TV. I was lucky ;)

    So the balloon basket was actually suspended on a big crane with a camera crew in another basket tethered a bit further down (old video methods ;). The Dad to the twins who played Carrie had to squat down inside the basket to hold his daughter so she wouldn't be so afraid up there.