Little House on the Prairie

Season 2 Episode 9

Remember Me (2)

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Nov 12, 1975 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Continuity: In the scene where Carl, John, Jr., and Mr. Edwards are building the treehouse, before Mr. Edwards goes to talk to Charles, he tells the boys to find some more nails for the treehouse. However, when Charles leaves, John Jr. yells to Edwards, letting him know that they found more boards, not nails.

    • Grace and Mr. Edwards get married just minutes after Mr. Edwards' proposal, so they are the main characters on the series who got married the quickest. Nellie and Percival took second prize in Season 6, with only a 24-hour engagement.

    • In this episode, a hurting Charles acknowledges to Caroline that he simply cannot afford to adopt the Sanderson children. However, in the television series, the Ingalls family did end up adopting three children anyway: Albert at the beginning of Season 5, and then two years later, James and Cassandra. Furthermore, Charles had his three oldest daughters when he said that he couldn't manage to take in the Sandersons, and even though Mary and Laura were married and living their own lives by the time the family adopted James and Cassandra, there were still three other children in the house: Albert, Carrie, and Grace.
      Reply: True, but by the time James and Cassandra came along, it was well established that the Ingalls were in a little bit of a better financial condition than they had been in some time. For one thing, Caroline was working and getting 50% of what was earned at Nellie's Restaurant. They weren't rich by any means, and possibly not even in a fully comfortable position financially, but they had a little more money, and they loved James and Cassandra enough to make the sacrifice.

    • This is one of several episodes in which Caroline has a gentle but important talk with Laura right after she has lashed out angrily at her father. Just like in episodes such as Season 6's Back to School and He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, Caroline urges her daughter to think from Charles' point of view and try to understand his feelings. Caroline certainly had a knack for helping Laura recognize her mistakes and make amends with her father after various arguments.

    • We never find out who gets the third puppy. Up until the end of the episode, where the permanent home of that puppy is left in question, the story arc with the pups correlated directly with the plight of the three Sanderson children.

    • It became a common occurence, starting with this episode, for Charles Ingalls to be forced to find homes for orphaned children. The noble Charles always managed to find homes that would take all siblings (even resorting to his own home). Though it makes for nice family programming, handling of orphaned children in this time period was done in a largely practical manner. This means that children were often separated from brothers and sisters and were not always adopted for love.

  • Quotes

    • Laura: (about yelling at her father) I'm sorry......I'm so sorry. (hugs Caroline, starts crying)
      Caroline: Oh, there, there. It's all right.
      Laura: I didn't mean to hurt him.
      Caroline: Well, of course you didn't--no more than you meant to give that pup to Nellie.
      Laura: Then you knew I wasn't really going to?
      Caroline: Well, I came here, didn't I? To your favorite place. I knew you weren't going into town. (smiles) Your Pa was plowing in the fields when I left. Sometimes, working hard helps when you're hurting.
      Laura: What will I say to him?
      Caroline: You don't have to say anything. Just go to him.

    • Charles: (when Caroline disapproves of him splitting the children up between homes) What, do you think this is what I want? I wish to God that I could take those children myself, but I can't! I can barely put shoes on my own girls! This is the only time in my life that I wish I was rich, and that I could say, "I'm sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Anders, I'm sorry Mrs. Farnsworth, the children already have a home," but I can't.

    • Miss Farnsworth: It's Alicia. You don't like the idea of me adopting her.
      Mr. Edwards: I didn't say that.
      Miss Farnsworth: I think you did, by your silence.
      Mr. Edwards: I just think there are things more important to a child than a big house and a lot of money, that's all. Excuse me. (starts to walk away)
      Miss Farnsworth: Mr. Edwards?
      Mr. Edwards: Yes, ma'am?
      Miss Farnsworth: This may come as a surprise to you, but even rich people can love.

    • Charles: (about separating the children) What do you expect me to do?
      Mr. Edwards: I don't expect you to do anything. You've got your mind made up.
      Charles: And you think I'm wrong?
      Mr. Edwards: Yeah. I do, I think you're wrong. See, you've always had a family. You don't know what it's like to be alone. Well, I do. When I lost my wife and daughter, a part of me died as well, and that part of me ain't never coming back to life again! Oh, yeah, I'm just happy-go-lucky Mr. Edwards to all of you, always laughing and making jokes.......just like those children are laughing right now. Let me tell you something, it's different when you're alone. Look, you made your decision, all right? Just don't expect me to tell you it's right!
      Charles: And don't expect me to tell you that you're right. You made your choice, you want to be alone. (walks away)

    • Charles: (to the Sanderson children) You know, I made a promise to your Ma. I promised her I would find you a good home. And I want you to know that I did my best. It's just not easy for folks, taking on such a big family all of a sudden. The Anders' think really highly of you boys. They have a good farm, and it'll be a good home for you. And you all know what a fine woman Miss Farnsworth is. She lives in Minneapolis, she's got a big house, and she told me...she thought Alicia was just about the prettiest thing she ever did see. I wanted to find a home for you all together, but I just couldn't. It won't be easy at first, but Alicia can come and visit lots of times. Minneapolis is close, real close. (long silence) Well, I guess that's it...
      John: Mr. Ingalls? Ma told us to do everything you said. She said you knew best. We know you tried. We'll be all right.

    • Caroline: You know, Laura, we all have to make decisions in our lives that we wish we didn't have to. Your father has made one of those decisions.
      Laura: But it isn't fair.
      Caroline: That's easy to say when the decision isn't left up to you. Your Pa made a promise to a dear friend. He could have left that responsibility up to somebody else, but he didn't, because he counts friendship too dear for that. Your Pa loves those children, and he's done what he thinks is best for their future. (silence) I stopped by the Edwards' place today to see them, and you know what? They weren't crying, or angry. They were concerned--not for themselves, but for your Pa. Now, they asked me to tell him again not to worry about them, that they would be just fine.
      Laura: Alicia said that?
      Caroline: Alicia, and Carl, and John Jr. Now, I think that if they can understand how hard this has been for your Pa, you ought to try and understand, too. He needs our love right now, not our anger.

    • Charles: (after Caroline was plowing the fields) Look at you. Just look at you.
      Caroline: I must be a sight.
      Charles: You are. Your face is dirty, your hair is all askew, and you're still the prettiest woman a man ever set his eyes on. (takes the horse's reins and gently removes them from around her neck) The only thing I regret about marrying you is that I'll never have the pleasure of asking you to be my wife again.

    • Caroline: (about the puppy) He'll be happy at the Olesons.
      Laura: No, he won't.
      Caroline: Then why are you doing it?
      Laura: Same reason Pa's doing what he's doing.
      Caroline: That's not true. You're giving the puppy to Nellie out of anger. That's not the same thing at all.

    • Charles: (to an angry Laura about putting the Sanderson children in different homes) I wanted to explain to you why.
      Laura: You don't have to. Besides, I'm late. I'm taking the puppy into town.
      Charles: Oh, you found a home for him then?
      Laura: Sure did. I'm taking him to Nellie.
      Charles: I thought you didn't want Nellie to have him.
      Laura: I changed my mind! He'll have a good home, just like Alicia will. It doesn't matter if he's happy, just so long as he has a home--any home!

  • Notes

    • Filming Locations: Filmed at Big Sky Ranch, Simi Valley and Paramount Studios, Hollywood, California.

    • Notice how the classic "good vs. bad (evil?)" scenario manifests itself in the scene where Charles comes to Grace's house to tell the Sanderson children that they're going to be seperated. On the right of the screen, we see Grace, Mr. Edwards and the three children dancing happily in the light, then on the left of the screen, the door opens slowly, and Charles is seen only in silhouette, his long black shadow spilling onto the children's side of the room. It's really foreboding, and well done, and it's one of the only times in the series where Charles is the bearer of bad news. Landon, wrote, produced and directed this episode, so this portrayl was certainly intentional.

    • David Rose was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Music Composition for a Series for Remember Me, parts 1 and 2 in 1976.

    • Ted Voightlander was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography for Entertainment Programming for a Series for Remember Me, parts 1 and 2 in 1976.

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