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  • At least it's not a blank screen for 30 minutes...

    Actually, I think I might prefer a tv screen of snow over this. Or at least that weather alert system that beeps really load for like 10 seconds. Ya, I could go for that right about now.

    I only review this now to bring hatred to this show. I mean, just look at the title and you'll know you don't wanna watch it: "Little House on the Prairie."

    "Little" - No, I don't want to watch anything about that. That's not cool, really. No. Why not "Big" or "Gi-freaking-normous"?... Stoopid...

    "House" - Um, nope. How about "Mansion" or "Chinese-back-massage-parlor" or "Time-altering-rocket-car," those sell a show. Speaking of which, this is the exact reason I'm not watching that new doctor show on FOX.

    "Prairie" - Everytime I hear that word all I think about is cow poo. My aunt had a prairie and you know what? I f-ing hated it. Cow crap everywhere, what kind of place is that for a little kid to work? I didn't even get minimum wage... stoopid cows.

    So, ya, obviously this was a program spawned straight from the devil himself. Christian values my ass, I swear I saw Satin try and eat that little girl like 5 times.
  • A travesty and insult to a wonderful and beloved author.


    I became a fan of the Little House books when I was in the 3rd grade, and have shared the books with my daughters, ages 8 and 6. When the show first came out I was so disappointed in how they handled. Michael Landon is NO Pa Ingalls. Pa was strong-minded, bearded, and played the fiddle...Landon did NONE of those (you can't count his pretending). What they did to the other characters was shameful. Coming to mind on top was how they portrayed Mary's becoming blind. That was shameful and needless overdramatization, with all the screaming and whining. Laura had mentioned more than once about how brave Mary was during that time. There are many, many more examples. They would have been better suited to have changed all of the characters' names and the title; THEN it probably may have been a decent show...but maybe not.

  • 95% of what you see on the show never happened!

    As a youngster, I used to love watching this show. However, over the years growing up, I have read absolutely every thing I can get my hands on about Laura Ingalls Wilder and I cant even watch the program now because 95% of what you see on this show NEVER HAPPENED! There was no Albert. Mary was never bitter over losing her sight, never taught school, got married, much less had a child. Mr. Edwards didn't live in MN (or get married there) By the time Laura was married they lived in South Dakota. Laura and Almanzo never adopted his brother's daughter. There was no Nancy Olsen. Laura did not teach school after she was married. Almanzo didnt call Laura "Beth" it was "Bess or Bessie". I could go on and on but for a fan of Mrs. Wilder, I cant bear to watch it at all. Even the movie that was made a few years ago, I'm thinking it was called "The real Laura Ingalls Wilder" was so far from the truth I was disgusted. I only gave it a 3 insted of a 1 because it is good wholesome family entertainment but children beware...READ and learn the FACTS!!!!!
  • The book was better

    Well, the title of my review fits well. I just always get a bigger kick out of reading the book than watching the film. More of a reader than a movie watcher when it comes to movis based on books.
  • The show, now airing in the Netherlands, each day around 5PM, is about a 1870 family with it's own drama's, this is my opinion.

    I watch the show because when I eat my dinner, it's on tv. Each time, I think, oh god pls not again, but at the ending I feel like I wanna see more. And this is the same each day.

    The show has some good characters playing in it, gives you a real feeling of the time playing and is just good enough to watch at.

    My favorite character is Mr. Ingals.

    The show have some fake parts in it and also is very confusing about the time line. Because the episodes airing right now show cars, cars that were made since 1909 or later. So very confusing it is.

    But, yeah, the show is good enough to be rated a 5.5.
  • Jesse and Frank James decide to hide out in Walnut Grove. Terror ensues for the townspeople, but hilarity ensues for those of us watching this silly, yet fun episode of LHOTP.

    The shark began to circle the waters in this ridiculous Season 4 offering, but it's all in good fun and still manages to keep the viewer's interest. Miss Beadle just HAPPENS to give out an assignment on the Civil War (as Pa manages to note is "only 11 years ago so feelings are still raw" in order to remind us of the time period), so the James Brothers just HAPPEN to come to Walnut Grove (which works out perfectly for the North/South debate), and one of the students who is for the North (and opposes Mary's sympathy for the atrocities done to the South) just HAPPENS to shoot Jesse James 6 years later (he's Ford, LOL)! Wow, what a coincidence! I think the funniest moment for me was when Charles swims underwater while a bouty hunter is sealing off the town. Ludicrous but still entertaining.
  • great stories

    very great writting most made me cry have the complete dvds really love melissa gilbert michael landon was a very good director and writer i really liked the little house years i loved it when dean buttler came on to the show the very best episode was when the railroad was going to go through the town and they blew up everything but the little house on thr prairie, i cried so much
  • A good historical drama, very nice characterizations and musical scoring. Suffered from some continuity problems and plot improbabilities in later seasons.

    I thought this was a solid series, up through season 5, and then it lost its focus a bit, though many good episodes followed. The music and genres of the episode (comedy, tragedy, personal character development) were strong points. The show was excellent at showing relationships between people of different generations. A fact that I think often gets overlooked is that the principle Ingalls girls - Laura and Mary - were written as intelligent and capable, not just as "future romance material" or fodder to be rescued from dangerous situations. Weak points were some lacks of continuity in later episodes, improbable events (Adam regaining his sight, James recovering, etc.). Nevertheless, the characters through the years were sympathetic and generally strongly written. As with many television programs, characters coming and going did impact the overall quality of the series as a complete work. All-in-all, it did have the ability to evoke emotions and make you care about the people being presented. As a period piece, it did suffer from anachronisms, but this is to be expected from television programs that need to reach audiences of a different era.
  • A good movie at best. Sad at some points, suspenseful at others, but oh so interesting

    While not as exciting as other movies, it still holds a lot of suspense and various scenes around the area are quite dramatic and happy...except the moving away part. Not too sad, though; I have watched this old movie as a student long ago and it is a good show to watch.
  • Great Family Show

    People have to understand that if Michael Landon didn't use some "poetic licence" the show would have lasted 1 year if that. I loved the books, but they were boring for a TV show and didn't go into much detail.

    Except for the last few years, when he should have let it go, he did a wondeful job showing us good values and morals and my children and I still love to watch it.

    I don't think most people thought everything that happened was true to life, he discussed it a lot back then, but dispite what was going on in his own life, Mr. Landon knew the touchpoints of his audience and I'm grateful to him.
  • This is pretty good for an old TV show.

    This is pretty good for an old TV show. Some episodes were funny, whereas others were downright boring. Over all, It\'s okay! I enjoyed watching the Olsen family the best in this show. I hate the intro. The stories are sometimes interesting, so this show is worth a good try!

    I\'m done.
  • Very great show!

    I loved this show as a kid
    Growing up in Florida with my siblings
    But really my sister loves the show
    And she doesn't miss it at all
    Now that she has kids of her own
    Makes me want to buy some dvds for her
    Praying and hoping that the show will come out
    On dvd for all of the seasons
    So that she can watch the show
    When the kids are in school
    Good show for the family to watch!
  • This is a really nice show for the whole family

    This is another one of those shows I loved watching when I was little. Every Thursday, then Wednesday, then Monday night was Little House night. Everyone had to be home to watch Little House. The show didn't shy away from tragedy, but was honest about how life was in general back then, and for the Ingalls family. The episodes about Mary's blindness were very well done. There were cute episodes too, for example the one where Laura had a crush on a boy, Nellie betrayed her by telling the whole class with a "tape recorder" and the boy admitting he liked Laura too. A very heartwarming show people can grow up with.
  • Television Drama based on the books by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

    The only reason I scored it as low as I did is because I read all the books,and they took license with some of the storylines. However I understood they did it for budget and storyline purposes.
    The cast was great. Especially Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert.... I didn't appreciate how good the show was until I watched the limited series this spring on ABC based on the same books...
  • A great series about a rural family with its different situations: difficulties, satisfactions, etc.

    An intelligent TV show. Irreplaceable cast, writers and producers including the unforgettable Michael Landon and, I guess, Shannen Doherty's first regular role on a TV show. A real milestone for it's age, Little House on the Prairie (Los Ingalls, name given in Latin America) was a good source of values for all the privileged ones that grew up with it. The truth is that I can't find such an edifying series for the whole family, exempting some small doses in the series that nowadays I enjoy. It's fair to ask that the TV networks look back trying to go forward with projects like the one this series represented.
  • love it

    i love little house on the praire.i have all your movies.i love looking at your movies evry day.great guys are the best.biggest fan
  • Without a doubt, one of the best family shows ever to be made and one of the best that the 70s-80s had to offer.

    Charles Ingalls and his wife Caroline (Michael Landon and Karen Grassle) have had to make the tough decision to move themselves and their young family to a new location after hard economic times found them in financial trouble. They decide to settle in Walnut Grove, a little town just near Plum Creek and Charles soon builds them a small home that he has earned the money for supplies for by working at the local mill.

    Their three girls, Mary, Laura and Carrie are excited to be living there and very happy with their new accomodation. Over the next several years, we follow the joys and triumphs of the Ingalls family, their friend Mr. Edwards, the Olsens who own the local store, Doc Baker and many others. All the way through, this series produced excellence week after week and audiences loved watching the Ingalls children grow up on television, particularly Laura, expertly portrayed by Melissa Gilbert.

    A joy to watch and a great family show that one could never get tired of viewing over and over again.
  • A great show!

    The Ingalls, the Wilders, the Olesons... and many more influenced a lot of lives. Lots of people watched the show and still do, although they almost know every single episode, me included. What is it that makes this show a classic that is watched and loved so much?
    I guess the family life in LHOTP is shown as something that is worth fightig for. When you need help, someone from your family or friends is there and stands by your side.
    Another aspect is that we learn something from America's past and how things like the railway influenced little towns and farmers.
    Next, the show is humerous and heart-warming.
    There are a lot of things I could tell you that I like but that would go to far, I guess.
    Lets just say, it's a great show and worth watching, even when you already know how it ends...
  • What happy thoughts

    A long-running drama based upon the auto-biographical books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Told the story of the Ingalls family, living in a frontier community in the 19th century.

    Through tears, joy and really harsh saddness, this is a classic show which every young girl should sit and watch, there is nothing in this show which could cause any harm, but make you thankful for what you have.

    Many a happy Sunday morning was spent in front of the television set watching this timeless show, and to this day, I still have such happy memories from it.

    Lets see a re make, we deserve it
  • Little House on the Prarie is a holsome show, based off of the Little House Series by Laura Ingles Wilder. The show follows her life and the life of her family. Through their trials and tribulations.

    Throught the show Laura goes through life livig mostly on the prarie. During her life there are many hard times. She is faced with lots of difficult situations. Shch as her sister loosing her sight, and her bother dying. The show also follows the lives of other families and their hardships. Such as the Garveys, the Olsens, and the Edwards. On the show laura goes from a young girl. To a woman with a family of her own. This show is great for families and genuinly show the love of a real family and life on the prarie. I love this show.
  • Little House On The Prarie is a great show to watch.

    Little House On The Prarie is a great show. I like it . Laura is my favorite. Its a very good show for all people to watch. I think a lot of people will enjoy this show. It\'s very family oriented and shows us all how they lived back then. It teaches a lot about the past how they lived, how they dressed, how they worked, how they earned money to make a living. The Ignalls is a very close family. They all get along very well and every one just loves the Ignalls. How could you not? I like it.
  • The best show ever.

    Little House on the Prairie is such a good show I love it. It's one of those shows that has everything from romance, funny, touching, and sad moments. I think Little House will always be here no matter what. Even if you hated the show I still think it will be around.
  • When it debuted, I doubt anybody expected it to last beyond a season or two. This family show surprised people though, and for good reason. It's a solid show from top to bottom.

    Let me start by saying I don't usually like the "feel good" shows that are supposed to teach life lessons without having some comic relief mixed in. In other words, I don't watch the Waltons, the Patridge Family or Highway to Heaven. I will, however, watch Little House on the Prairie.

    I think part of it stems from my interest in history and homestead life back in those days. How the people lived back then is of extreme interest to me, and the towns/houses were really well done. Also, the characters were done pretty well in accordance with the books written by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Lastly, I don't live all that far from where these things happened. Just like them, the nearest big city to me is Minneapolis.

    Pa Ingalls was truly one of the best characters we've seen in a TV drama. He was a great father, but extremely firm with the children. Back then, he had to be strict to make sure all the children carried their own weight and became good citizens. When he believed an injustice was being done, he was always one of the first to step up and speak out against it.

    I always loved the scenes in the school as room schoolhouses are just facinating.

    I will admit that the later episodes weren't as good when the children weren't so young anymore. It lost some of its charm then. The ending of the series, with the demolition of the town, is one of the saddest in TV history.
  • Not to sound sappy but I not only loved this show, I found a lot of my first ideals learning along with Laura and the rest of the characters.

    I have loved this show since I first watched it with my grandfather. It was not only a timeless classic but a way to connect generations since everyone comes to love this show. I know that it can be sappy and corny at times but that has only made it more dear to my heart. The characters and adventures were not only exciting to watch but they were made so you fell into Walnut Grove and became one with them emotions and all. I have found it to be funny in the times I needed humor and inspiring in the times I was looking for hope. It has been something that I came to relate my situations with and based my ideals off of. It doesn't have to be a long forgotten time if we don't let it. The show prides itself on home grown values and it became one of families most beloved television shows. Between the love for laura and the others this show will win anyone over.
  • Classic!

    Meet the Ingalls: an american family in the later 1800. They show how family love is a key to make it through life. The family, at the beginning, has five (six, if you count the dog), members: Pa, Ma, Laura (middle sister and the POV in the show), Carrie (the little sister) and Mary. As their lives go on, they have a son (who dies within days of his birth), another daughter (Grace) and three surrogated children (Albert, Cassandra and James). Also, the girls grow up, Mary becomes blind, and Mary and Laura (in that order) get married. They also moved to the city for a short time in order to earn more money. In the final seasons, Laura was left alone in the town, since Pa had got another good job somewhere else and had there to move. Good series, I deffinetly recommend it!
  • Wow! What a great show.

    This show is a personal favorite of mine. What doesn't it have? In this series you see everything. Mary goes blind, baby Charles dies, Grace is born, there so much I couldn't possibly mention everything. This show is just one of those that shows alot of events that happen to real people everday. The characters teach us how to deal with things that come to us in life.

    This show is also a huge classic. My little brother was in the second grade last year. His teacher was reading them one of the Little House on the Prarie books. From young to old everyone enjoys these great stories.
  • This show was a classic, but was it good?

    I am not an expert on Little House on the Praire by any means, I could not watch it for more than a few minutes before puking. I know everyone loved it, and it was on forever, and it won fans because of the story, but I thought it was sappy and the story lines were simple and not inspired. As I have already stated I could be wrong, but I wonder why so many found it great TV? I gave it a high rating because it was one of a kind and I hope we never see it's kind again, no, really, I hope nothing is this bad and watched by so many ever again.
  • Still Worthy

    this show is one of the better family shows of all time, the story of the Ingalls family is enduring and Touching.. the cast was perfect, well acted, great writing.. I wishthat there were still shows like it on the air today..the love that the familyy had for one another was translated to the Show very well
  • Little House On The Prairie Fan

    I loved this show as a child, and still watch re-runs to this day.

    I realize that the TV show is nothing like the books. I guess for me, that doesn't really matter. I acquired so many other things from watching the show. Ideals which have remained with me for life. In addition to an hour of entertainment, I learned about the value of being honest, the importance of working hard, the significance of family and community, the emphasis placed on God and His central role in each family's life, (almost every show makes reference to God and the faith that people put in Him.)

    Furthermore, the series portrays a tenderness and simplicity that mesmerizes the viewer and allows them to experience "small-town" life during the 1870's~albeit Hollywood's version of the 1870's. It does provide some history in the clothing and customs of that era.

    I know that life wasn't as glamorous as Little House depicts. Ma's dress is always clean and pressed, her hands callous-free, and Pa with his broad shoulders and thick head of hair always willing to jump in and save the day. With much success, I might add.

    I do think this series provides us with an opportunity to escape for an hour into a land of wholesomeness, integrity and virtue, with a captivating and sometimes humorous plot and the ability (if we choose) to turn to our children and talk to them about what they just saw.

    And isn't that what family viewing is all about?


    People need to get a grip about the truthfulness of Little House. One of the finest shows about family values and morals that has ever been produced. True or not, Michael Landon contributed a lot to this world by writing some wonderful stories about familylove, disciplne and morals. Something that is difficult for a lot of people to understand in this generation of reality shows. Breakdown of family has gotten us where we are today.

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