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  • When it debuted, I doubt anybody expected it to last beyond a season or two. This family show surprised people though, and for good reason. It's a solid show from top to bottom.

    Let me start by saying I don't usually like the "feel good" shows that are supposed to teach life lessons without having some comic relief mixed in. In other words, I don't watch the Waltons, the Patridge Family or Highway to Heaven. I will, however, watch Little House on the Prairie.

    I think part of it stems from my interest in history and homestead life back in those days. How the people lived back then is of extreme interest to me, and the towns/houses were really well done. Also, the characters were done pretty well in accordance with the books written by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Lastly, I don't live all that far from where these things happened. Just like them, the nearest big city to me is Minneapolis.

    Pa Ingalls was truly one of the best characters we've seen in a TV drama. He was a great father, but extremely firm with the children. Back then, he had to be strict to make sure all the children carried their own weight and became good citizens. When he believed an injustice was being done, he was always one of the first to step up and speak out against it.

    I always loved the scenes in the school as room schoolhouses are just facinating.

    I will admit that the later episodes weren't as good when the children weren't so young anymore. It lost some of its charm then. The ending of the series, with the demolition of the town, is one of the saddest in TV history.
  • In this show we follow the lives of the family Ingalls.

    Ahh, I always watched this show when I was little. A really good show, I think, in twenty years people will still watch this show and think it\'s a very good show. I especially remember Laura (the little redhead) and Mary (the blonde), and of course good ol\' Mom and dad.
  • Little House on the Prairie was a true account of a family and a town who worked together in faith.

    This show was the absolute best. It was made for family. I grew up with it and now my children are growing up with it. This was a show that was not afraid to show of God, emotions from men and women, lessons learned, hard time and good. My biggest fascination with this show is how the families and town worked together to form a stronger unit. Every person can learn a valuable lesson just from watching an episode.
  • The best show ever.

    Little House on the Prairie is such a good show I love it. It's one of those shows that has everything from romance, funny, touching, and sad moments. I think Little House will always be here no matter what. Even if you hated the show I still think it will be around.
  • Television Drama based on the books by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

    The only reason I scored it as low as I did is because I read all the books,and they took license with some of the storylines. However I understood they did it for budget and storyline purposes.
    The cast was great. Especially Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert.... I didn't appreciate how good the show was until I watched the limited series this spring on ABC based on the same books...
  • At least it's not a blank screen for 30 minutes...

    Actually, I think I might prefer a tv screen of snow over this. Or at least that weather alert system that beeps really load for like 10 seconds. Ya, I could go for that right about now.

    I only review this now to bring hatred to this show. I mean, just look at the title and you'll know you don't wanna watch it: "Little House on the Prairie."

    "Little" - No, I don't want to watch anything about that. That's not cool, really. No. Why not "Big" or "Gi-freaking-normous"?... Stoopid...

    "House" - Um, nope. How about "Mansion" or "Chinese-back-massage-parlor" or "Time-altering-rocket-car," those sell a show. Speaking of which, this is the exact reason I'm not watching that new doctor show on FOX.

    "Prairie" - Everytime I hear that word all I think about is cow poo. My aunt had a prairie and you know what? I f-ing hated it. Cow crap everywhere, what kind of place is that for a little kid to work? I didn't even get minimum wage... stoopid cows.

    So, ya, obviously this was a program spawned straight from the devil himself. Christian values my ass, I swear I saw Satin try and eat that little girl like 5 times.
  • This is a really nice show for the whole family

    This is another one of those shows I loved watching when I was little. Every Thursday, then Wednesday, then Monday night was Little House night. Everyone had to be home to watch Little House. The show didn't shy away from tragedy, but was honest about how life was in general back then, and for the Ingalls family. The episodes about Mary's blindness were very well done. There were cute episodes too, for example the one where Laura had a crush on a boy, Nellie betrayed her by telling the whole class with a "tape recorder" and the boy admitting he liked Laura too. A very heartwarming show people can grow up with.
  • One of the best shows ever.

    It made you laugh. It made you cry. It made you want to sock that Nellie Oleson right in the eye! (and her adopted sister, Nancy too!) When I was a little girl, in the seventies, I had a t-shirt with a mouse on it who lived in a mushroom house. And it said, “Little Mouse on The Prarie.” I remember watching reruns at my Grandmas house in the eighties. And I’m still watching reruns, having introduced it to my little girl. My favorite season is #6, when Almanzo is introduced and Laura and Nellie fight in the pond. My least favorite season is the last one (yawn).
  • Based on the books by Laura Ingles Wildes, this series purported to show what life was like on the frontier in the late 1870s. Many children grew up watching the Ingalls deal with the joys and sorrows of life in the little town of Walnut Grove (populatio

    Little House On The Prairie was certainly not a Western in the usual sense it was about frontier life. There were, however, many illnesses, deaths, misfortunes, miracles and 'heart warming' moments.
    Charles Ingalls was a homesteader struggling to make a living for his family on a small farm in Minnesota. The Ingalls had moved from the great plains of Kansas to Walnut Grove in search of a future in a young and growing community. With Charles were his wife, Caroline, and their three daughters: teenagers Mary and Laura, and little Carrie
    Stories revolved around the experiences of family life and growing children, the constant struggle against natural disasters and ruined crops, and the dealings with other members of the little town in which they lived.
    Among the Ingalls' friends were: Mr. Hanson, the mill owner; Nels Oleson, the owner of the general store and Mr. Edwards, a nearby farmer who became a good friend despite his harsh exterior.

    I loved watching this show as kid and even watching re-runs now as an adult i still love it just as much.

    Personal Trivia - as silly as this sounds it was watching Little House on the Prairie that inspired me to be teacher.
  • Wonderful show for the whole family.

    This show, based on the books of Laura Ingalls Wilder, was rejected many times, by the networks.
    Thank God for Michael Landon's persistence! He finally got NBC to buy it. And to their surprise, it lasted 10 seasons, even though Mr. Landon took several liberties with the true stories from the books, and re-wrote them for the TV show.
  • Information on episode airings and marathons.

    When I was a small child my mother and I used to watch it, I wasn't all to interested but of course I watched it with her anyways. Well 9 years later, (About a month ago, July 2005.) I discovered that they were playing the episodes on Halmark Channel. It was okay, I watched it but I wasn't totally obsessed. But went Mary went blind I became totally fixed. Now I look at the beggining credits to see if Adam is included in the guest stars section. Then I know Mary and Adam arwe in it so I record it. The only thing that bums me out, is that they sayh their in it but their just in a little 30 second scene, don't get me wrong I love the show but Mary and Adam episodes make them all the more better. Oh and don't forget to watch the Michael Landon 2005 Labor Day weekend marathon. Check here more more info . Alright so I'll let you gget on withb your bust internet lives with this closing statemeant.
    My favorite episodes include, I'll be waving as you drive away 1+2, The Wedding, The Sound of Children, and Enchanted Cottage. I havn't seen them all so That's just so far.
  • Little House On The Prarie is a great show to watch.

    Little House On The Prarie is a great show. I like it . Laura is my favorite. Its a very good show for all people to watch. I think a lot of people will enjoy this show. It\'s very family oriented and shows us all how they lived back then. It teaches a lot about the past how they lived, how they dressed, how they worked, how they earned money to make a living. The Ignalls is a very close family. They all get along very well and every one just loves the Ignalls. How could you not? I like it.
  • A good movie at best. Sad at some points, suspenseful at others, but oh so interesting

    While not as exciting as other movies, it still holds a lot of suspense and various scenes around the area are quite dramatic and happy...except the moving away part. Not too sad, though; I have watched this old movie as a student long ago and it is a good show to watch.
  • Ah, Little House, a great hour of Television.

    Little House on the Prairie, my absolutely favorite TV show of all time. The characters are real and engaging and the storylines are mostly superb. I love how it looks at one family and the people around them and the pioneer period. I came onto this show late. Being only 19, I caught this show one summer about 2 years ago. My favorite characters are Albert and Mary. My least favorite would have to be Almanzo and Eliza Jane. I think its great how David Rose has a musical theme for most of the main characters.

    My few complaints about this show are that people came and went and seemingly disapeared. The Garvey's for example. In "Look Back to Yesterday" (best epsidoe by the way) Laura makes it seem as if they had never really talked about them at all. I also did not like how the Edwards divorced and that Mary's baby died. While a good plot device it always seemed so unfair that Laura got everything and Mary's life well....sucked. Carrie also should of had more storylines and should not have been played so young for so long.

    All in all a wonderful, wonderful show!
  • Wonderful and heartful

    Little House on the Praire is the Best TV show ever. It's heartwarming, loving, enjoyable a show for the entire family, it's rewarding. there is nothing no-one ever could say bad about this show. everybody can learn something from every episode ever made. It's the Best show ever put on TV. No TV show could ever repace this one. or compare to it. The writers were brillant and apparently has a big heart.
  • The best!!!

    I really love this show. It gives a good message to people, not like stupid shows such as Friends, who hang at Central Perk. They don't even work?!? I never was into the series until I watched this. Awesome!! I know that it will be a favorite among generations. Infact, if most of the cast members weren't dead, it would be back by popular demand. Forget that! They should do a new Little House. One with new cast members, based on Laura Ingalls Wilder series.
  • Little House On The Prairie defined 70's television. It was fresh, fun, and full of family togetherness. In the end to 50's wholesome TV, LHOTP keep the tradition alive.

    What can I say about Little House On The Prairie. This show taught me more value and lessons growing up than my own parents did. I didn't consider this just a show, but a teacher.
    I discuss LHOTP all the time. It's funny, when I talk about this show as being a sort of controversial show for the 70's, people don't believe. But when I finish, most just nod in awe.
    For example, probably what I consider the most controversial episode in Little House's life, "Sylvia." This episode was about a girl who was developing a little faster than the other girl, so of course the boys paid more attention to her, more than she wanted. Sylvia liked Albert, and he liked her. One day while Sylvia was walking home, someone grabbed her, and pulled her down. She was then raped. Sylvia became pregnant by her masked rapist.
    For a show based in the late 1880's, and being 70's television, this storyline was something you normally would not see done. It did however receive lots of awards for the "Sylvia" episode. But this episode stands out as being that episode I will never forget.
  • This show rocks! It ran for TEN seasons and was the best show of the seventies and eighties!

    This show is the bomb! My favotite actors were Melissa Gilbert and Melissa Sue Anderson, along with Katherine Mcregor and Michael Landon! This show is such an influence to people with problems. I watch this show every chance I get! Although the show doesn\'t really partain to the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, it still is a heart-warmer!
  • A great family show

    What I love about Little House on the Prairie is how it is centered around a loving family by the name of Ingalls. What I find makes the show so believable is how much love each of the characters had for each other and how hard working everyone was with the possible exeption of Nellie Oleson, Laura's rival in school and out, in addition to Nellie's mother Mrs. Oleson. That is another thing that I like about the show, it's realistic with how the children and the adults interacted with each other. Other times, there was very humorous situations that the characters got themselves into, such as when Mr. Edwards babysat the girls in the first season and nailed Carrie to the roof while he was fixing the hole in it, or in a later season when Mr. Oleson was kidnapped and Mrs. Oleson refuesd to pay his ransom. In all, I love watching the reruns of the show. It's got certain staying power to it that will most likely keep it in reruns for many years to come.
  • One of the best classics on TV at all times

    Its good for all ages even the young ones because it teaches lessons or encourage family togetherness. its really good becuse its almost based on Laura Ingalls Wilder's books. It have drama, comedy, tragic, and religious, and most of all, reality because it shows how real people can react in the real world and teach us how things can happen for a reason.
  • The original is always the best ...

    They have recently released another adaptation of Laura Ingalls-Wilder's beloved books, but I feel nothing beats Michael Landon's 1970s classic series.

    So often these TV adaptations can be a major disappointment, but this lovely series remains true to the spirit of the books while expanding the characters and introducing new themes and storylines. It was beautifully done, and something that I hope to watch with my children one day.
  • Still Worthy

    this show is one of the better family shows of all time, the story of the Ingalls family is enduring and Touching.. the cast was perfect, well acted, great writing.. I wishthat there were still shows like it on the air today..the love that the familyy had for one another was translated to the Show very well
  • One of the best television shows to grace our TVs!!!

    What can i say about this show? It was simply wonderful. The casting was fantastic and the storylines were interesting. It was one of my favorite childhoo television shows. Not only was it clean and wholesome, it was very educational. I learned a lot of lessons in life just by watching Laura Ingalls Wilder experiencing them. I hope that they continue to air this show.
  • growing up this show was the best and now i am 43 and still watch every episode. i have so many favorite episodes...but the story about sylvia was my best. i only wish michael landon were still around he was the BEST. bill polen 2-17-06

    through all 10 seasons i laughed and cried. no matter what episode was on i was able through the years to go back and think that this show lives my whole life even these many years later. this show still is my favorite cause there are so many topics that hit home. i only wish that this show was still going....yet watching the ingalls grow year after year was like watching myself grow each year. i never let an episode go by without putting myself in to that t.v. as though i was in walnut grove myself. the one episode that sticks out was the episode on " Sylvia" this tore at my heartstrings the most because the ending was the most touching scene i have ever seen. i had a good cry, and even to this day this episode sticks in my mind. i have to give this series a 9.9 out of 10 there will never be a show like this one. Michael Landon if he were here today would be so happy how reruns can of such a beautiful series is seen in so many homes. i only wish that one day get to meet the cast in person and thank them personally on molding my life as if i were a part of their family. BILL POLEN 2-17-06. THANK YOU LITTLE HOUSE AND REST IN PEACE MICHAEL LANDON
  • This show was a classic, but was it good?

    I am not an expert on Little House on the Praire by any means, I could not watch it for more than a few minutes before puking. I know everyone loved it, and it was on forever, and it won fans because of the story, but I thought it was sappy and the story lines were simple and not inspired. As I have already stated I could be wrong, but I wonder why so many found it great TV? I gave it a high rating because it was one of a kind and I hope we never see it's kind again, no, really, I hope nothing is this bad and watched by so many ever again.
  • This show is so Wonderful

    This show is so wonderful. It made me laugh and made me cry, also made me imagin what my life could be like if I lived back then. This long lasting show to me should be counted as one of the greatest shows ever on tv. Today I still watch this show when ever I have a chance.
  • A wholesome family show, based on a series of books. Stories of life, love, and lessons abound from Walnut Grove.

    I recently rediscovered the joy in watching this show. I was looking through the channels for something that the whole family could watch together. Not an easy feat these days. I came across a \"little House On The Prairie\" marathon.
    I was quickly whisked away to the olden days in Walnut Grove. I jumped back into the Ingalls daily lives, without missing a beat. Explaining the characters to them along the way. Soon, my girls became engrossed in the magic of Walnut Grove.
    Life was simple then. You worked a long hard day, and the family pitched in when needed. The Ingalls always extended a helping hand to those in need, without thinking twice. There were the town snobs, drunks, gossips,& bullies. The Ingalls taught their girls to treat all of them with respect and kindness.
    The episodes are all woven together, into a wonderful series. The people are all memorable, no matter the story line.
    I wish there was a show that was comparable on television today, but until then, I will gladly rewatch the episodes I grew up on again, and again.
  • Very great show!

    I loved this show as a kid
    Growing up in Florida with my siblings
    But really my sister loves the show
    And she doesn't miss it at all
    Now that she has kids of her own
    Makes me want to buy some dvds for her
    Praying and hoping that the show will come out
    On dvd for all of the seasons
    So that she can watch the show
    When the kids are in school
    Good show for the family to watch!
  • One of my all time favorites

    This is a great show. Some parrts were off the true thing, But this show I S a classic. Its great for the family and There are some more sodramatic episodes like \"He was only twelve\" or \" Home again\" . The cast was great and made the show even more enjoyable.
  • great stories

    very great writting most made me cry have the complete dvds really love melissa gilbert michael landon was a very good director and writer i really liked the little house years i loved it when dean buttler came on to the show the very best episode was when the railroad was going to go through the town and they blew up everything but the little house on thr prairie, i cried so much
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