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  • 95% of what you see on the show never happened!

    As a youngster, I used to love watching this show. However, over the years growing up, I have read absolutely every thing I can get my hands on about Laura Ingalls Wilder and I cant even watch the program now because 95% of what you see on this show NEVER HAPPENED! There was no Albert. Mary was never bitter over losing her sight, never taught school, got married, much less had a child. Mr. Edwards didn't live in MN (or get married there) By the time Laura was married they lived in South Dakota. Laura and Almanzo never adopted his brother's daughter. There was no Nancy Olsen. Laura did not teach school after she was married. Almanzo didnt call Laura "Beth" it was "Bess or Bessie". I could go on and on but for a fan of Mrs. Wilder, I cant bear to watch it at all. Even the movie that was made a few years ago, I'm thinking it was called "The real Laura Ingalls Wilder" was so far from the truth I was disgusted. I only gave it a 3 insted of a 1 because it is good wholesome family entertainment but children beware...READ and learn the FACTS!!!!!
  • At least it's not a blank screen for 30 minutes...

    Actually, I think I might prefer a tv screen of snow over this. Or at least that weather alert system that beeps really load for like 10 seconds. Ya, I could go for that right about now.

    I only review this now to bring hatred to this show. I mean, just look at the title and you'll know you don't wanna watch it: "Little House on the Prairie."

    "Little" - No, I don't want to watch anything about that. That's not cool, really. No. Why not "Big" or "Gi-freaking-normous"?... Stoopid...

    "House" - Um, nope. How about "Mansion" or "Chinese-back-massage-parlor" or "Time-altering-rocket-car," those sell a show. Speaking of which, this is the exact reason I'm not watching that new doctor show on FOX.

    "Prairie" - Everytime I hear that word all I think about is cow poo. My aunt had a prairie and you know what? I f-ing hated it. Cow crap everywhere, what kind of place is that for a little kid to work? I didn't even get minimum wage... stoopid cows.

    So, ya, obviously this was a program spawned straight from the devil himself. Christian values my ass, I swear I saw Satin try and eat that little girl like 5 times.
  • A travesty and insult to a wonderful and beloved author.


    I became a fan of the Little House books when I was in the 3rd grade, and have shared the books with my daughters, ages 8 and 6. When the show first came out I was so disappointed in how they handled. Michael Landon is NO Pa Ingalls. Pa was strong-minded, bearded, and played the fiddle...Landon did NONE of those (you can't count his pretending). What they did to the other characters was shameful. Coming to mind on top was how they portrayed Mary's becoming blind. That was shameful and needless overdramatization, with all the screaming and whining. Laura had mentioned more than once about how brave Mary was during that time. There are many, many more examples. They would have been better suited to have changed all of the characters' names and the title; THEN it probably may have been a decent show...but maybe not.

  • This show was a classic, but was it good?

    I am not an expert on Little House on the Praire by any means, I could not watch it for more than a few minutes before puking. I know everyone loved it, and it was on forever, and it won fans because of the story, but I thought it was sappy and the story lines were simple and not inspired. As I have already stated I could be wrong, but I wonder why so many found it great TV? I gave it a high rating because it was one of a kind and I hope we never see it's kind again, no, really, I hope nothing is this bad and watched by so many ever again.


    People need to get a grip about the truthfulness of Little House. One of the finest shows about family values and morals that has ever been produced. True or not, Michael Landon contributed a lot to this world by writing some wonderful stories about familylove, disciplne and morals. Something that is difficult for a lot of people to understand in this generation of reality shows. Breakdown of family has gotten us where we are today.

  • A classic, family-oriented show.

    I really liked this show, growing up it was one of the few things my mom let me watch that wasn't on PBS kids or something. Though I can see everyone's point about the historical inaccuracies, I think we all have to remember that it is a TV program, and things have to be dramatized sometimes, for the sake of ratings.

    I personally thought the casting was well done, and especially appreciated that, even though Michael Landon was such a great and popular actor at the time, he never outshined the kids. When it was their time, he let them have their scene and never tried to steal the lime light.

    Though on the other hand, some acting left a lot to be desired (Such as that of Melissa Gilbert and Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush in the later seasons) I think the family dynamics were well-kept and properly nurtured. It was great to kind of go back to a time when morals had a strong influence on society and people were neighborly. Those are things that I think a lot of people miss in today's society.
  • Very.

    Ésta série é muito boa... N minha opinião, deveria passar novamente pra que pudessemos assistir coisas que fazem parte do nosso cotidiano sem que isto seja de influência negativa para a educação de nossos filhos como as atuais programações exibidas na TV de canal aberto.

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  • The book was better

    Well, the title of my review fits well. I just always get a bigger kick out of reading the book than watching the film. More of a reader than a movie watcher when it comes to movis based on books.
  • great stories

    very great writting most made me cry have the complete dvds really love melissa gilbert michael landon was a very good director and writer i really liked the little house years i loved it when dean buttler came on to the show the very best episode was when the railroad was going to go through the town and they blew up everything but the little house on thr prairie, i cried so much
  • A good historical drama, very nice characterizations and musical scoring. Suffered from some continuity problems and plot improbabilities in later seasons.

    I thought this was a solid series, up through season 5, and then it lost its focus a bit, though many good episodes followed. The music and genres of the episode (comedy, tragedy, personal character development) were strong points. The show was excellent at showing relationships between people of different generations. A fact that I think often gets overlooked is that the principle Ingalls girls - Laura and Mary - were written as intelligent and capable, not just as "future romance material" or fodder to be rescued from dangerous situations. Weak points were some lacks of continuity in later episodes, improbable events (Adam regaining his sight, James recovering, etc.). Nevertheless, the characters through the years were sympathetic and generally strongly written. As with many television programs, characters coming and going did impact the overall quality of the series as a complete work. All-in-all, it did have the ability to evoke emotions and make you care about the people being presented. As a period piece, it did suffer from anachronisms, but this is to be expected from television programs that need to reach audiences of a different era.
  • A good movie at best. Sad at some points, suspenseful at others, but oh so interesting

    While not as exciting as other movies, it still holds a lot of suspense and various scenes around the area are quite dramatic and happy...except the moving away part. Not too sad, though; I have watched this old movie as a student long ago and it is a good show to watch.
  • Very great show!

    I loved this show as a kid
    Growing up in Florida with my siblings
    But really my sister loves the show
    And she doesn't miss it at all
    Now that she has kids of her own
    Makes me want to buy some dvds for her
    Praying and hoping that the show will come out
    On dvd for all of the seasons
    So that she can watch the show
    When the kids are in school
    Good show for the family to watch!
  • This is a really nice show for the whole family

    This is another one of those shows I loved watching when I was little. Every Thursday, then Wednesday, then Monday night was Little House night. Everyone had to be home to watch Little House. The show didn't shy away from tragedy, but was honest about how life was in general back then, and for the Ingalls family. The episodes about Mary's blindness were very well done. There were cute episodes too, for example the one where Laura had a crush on a boy, Nellie betrayed her by telling the whole class with a "tape recorder" and the boy admitting he liked Laura too. A very heartwarming show people can grow up with.
  • Television Drama based on the books by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

    The only reason I scored it as low as I did is because I read all the books,and they took license with some of the storylines. However I understood they did it for budget and storyline purposes.
    The cast was great. Especially Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert.... I didn't appreciate how good the show was until I watched the limited series this spring on ABC based on the same books...
  • A great series about a rural family with its different situations: difficulties, satisfactions, etc.

    An intelligent TV show. Irreplaceable cast, writers and producers including the unforgettable Michael Landon and, I guess, Shannen Doherty's first regular role on a TV show. A real milestone for it's age, Little House on the Prairie (Los Ingalls, name given in Latin America) was a good source of values for all the privileged ones that grew up with it. The truth is that I can't find such an edifying series for the whole family, exempting some small doses in the series that nowadays I enjoy. It's fair to ask that the TV networks look back trying to go forward with projects like the one this series represented.
  • What happy thoughts

    A long-running drama based upon the auto-biographical books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Told the story of the Ingalls family, living in a frontier community in the 19th century.

    Through tears, joy and really harsh saddness, this is a classic show which every young girl should sit and watch, there is nothing in this show which could cause any harm, but make you thankful for what you have.

    Many a happy Sunday morning was spent in front of the television set watching this timeless show, and to this day, I still have such happy memories from it.

    Lets see a re make, we deserve it
  • Little House on the Prarie is a holsome show, based off of the Little House Series by Laura Ingles Wilder. The show follows her life and the life of her family. Through their trials and tribulations.

    Throught the show Laura goes through life livig mostly on the prarie. During her life there are many hard times. She is faced with lots of difficult situations. Shch as her sister loosing her sight, and her bother dying. The show also follows the lives of other families and their hardships. Such as the Garveys, the Olsens, and the Edwards. On the show laura goes from a young girl. To a woman with a family of her own. This show is great for families and genuinly show the love of a real family and life on the prarie. I love this show.
  • Little House On The Prarie is a great show to watch.

    Little House On The Prarie is a great show. I like it . Laura is my favorite. Its a very good show for all people to watch. I think a lot of people will enjoy this show. It\'s very family oriented and shows us all how they lived back then. It teaches a lot about the past how they lived, how they dressed, how they worked, how they earned money to make a living. The Ignalls is a very close family. They all get along very well and every one just loves the Ignalls. How could you not? I like it.
  • Wow! What a great show.

    This show is a personal favorite of mine. What doesn't it have? In this series you see everything. Mary goes blind, baby Charles dies, Grace is born, there so much I couldn't possibly mention everything. This show is just one of those that shows alot of events that happen to real people everday. The characters teach us how to deal with things that come to us in life.

    This show is also a huge classic. My little brother was in the second grade last year. His teacher was reading them one of the Little House on the Prarie books. From young to old everyone enjoys these great stories.
  • Still Worthy

    this show is one of the better family shows of all time, the story of the Ingalls family is enduring and Touching.. the cast was perfect, well acted, great writing.. I wishthat there were still shows like it on the air today..the love that the familyy had for one another was translated to the Show very well
  • A great family show

    What I love about Little House on the Prairie is how it is centered around a loving family by the name of Ingalls. What I find makes the show so believable is how much love each of the characters had for each other and how hard working everyone was with the possible exeption of Nellie Oleson, Laura's rival in school and out, in addition to Nellie's mother Mrs. Oleson. That is another thing that I like about the show, it's realistic with how the children and the adults interacted with each other. Other times, there was very humorous situations that the characters got themselves into, such as when Mr. Edwards babysat the girls in the first season and nailed Carrie to the roof while he was fixing the hole in it, or in a later season when Mr. Oleson was kidnapped and Mrs. Oleson refuesd to pay his ransom. In all, I love watching the reruns of the show. It's got certain staying power to it that will most likely keep it in reruns for many years to come.
  • Based on the books by Laura Ingles Wildes, this series purported to show what life was like on the frontier in the late 1870s. Many children grew up watching the Ingalls deal with the joys and sorrows of life in the little town of Walnut Grove (populatio

    Little House On The Prairie was certainly not a Western in the usual sense it was about frontier life. There were, however, many illnesses, deaths, misfortunes, miracles and 'heart warming' moments.
    Charles Ingalls was a homesteader struggling to make a living for his family on a small farm in Minnesota. The Ingalls had moved from the great plains of Kansas to Walnut Grove in search of a future in a young and growing community. With Charles were his wife, Caroline, and their three daughters: teenagers Mary and Laura, and little Carrie
    Stories revolved around the experiences of family life and growing children, the constant struggle against natural disasters and ruined crops, and the dealings with other members of the little town in which they lived.
    Among the Ingalls' friends were: Mr. Hanson, the mill owner; Nels Oleson, the owner of the general store and Mr. Edwards, a nearby farmer who became a good friend despite his harsh exterior.

    I loved watching this show as kid and even watching re-runs now as an adult i still love it just as much.

    Personal Trivia - as silly as this sounds it was watching Little House on the Prairie that inspired me to be teacher.
  • growing up this show was the best and now i am 43 and still watch every episode. i have so many favorite episodes...but the story about sylvia was my best. i only wish michael landon were still around he was the BEST. bill polen 2-17-06

    through all 10 seasons i laughed and cried. no matter what episode was on i was able through the years to go back and think that this show lives my whole life even these many years later. this show still is my favorite cause there are so many topics that hit home. i only wish that this show was still going....yet watching the ingalls grow year after year was like watching myself grow each year. i never let an episode go by without putting myself in to that t.v. as though i was in walnut grove myself. the one episode that sticks out was the episode on " Sylvia" this tore at my heartstrings the most because the ending was the most touching scene i have ever seen. i had a good cry, and even to this day this episode sticks in my mind. i have to give this series a 9.9 out of 10 there will never be a show like this one. Michael Landon if he were here today would be so happy how reruns can of such a beautiful series is seen in so many homes. i only wish that one day get to meet the cast in person and thank them personally on molding my life as if i were a part of their family. BILL POLEN 2-17-06. THANK YOU LITTLE HOUSE AND REST IN PEACE MICHAEL LANDON
  • TODAY SHOWS CORNY FAKE KIM KARTRASHIAN or other fake reality shows,can't COMPARE !!!!!!!


    and yep. just keep watchin such a great show!Sure there is severe illness/killing some of the town off at times,but that is how it was back then,and i know some say,oh lil house was ok but not great premise on so much serious heartache,sadness,but i tell those HATERS, this show was exceptional even with the real sad scenes at times, because it was premise on reality,tru story stuff that went on during this and not exactly like the books, but sure was ALOT like the truth books,and MICHAEL LANDON THE HANDSOME TALENTED GENIUS WHO DIED SO YOUNG only early fifties or so, he sure did leave us with a family oriented "never get old" timeless classic A+ rate great show for a lifetime literally. EVEN THOUGH THERE WAS NO REAL NELLIE, (close enough as MICHAEL LANDON ONCE MENTION by combining mean girls who was so mean to sweet laura back then, just like nellie,so it works for this addicted fan and no cassandra cute lil self or lil cute james or VERY cute albert,all fictionalized,and added a nice blended-mix to this ICONIC incredible realistic

    show. I love it so much... SO MUCH MEANING TO THIS SHOW BIBLE to the "value of loyalty and family #1 THIS IS SO TRUE,AND MICHAEL LANDON GET ALL THE CREDIT FOR IT AS HIS HOME LIFE HE SAID IN NJ SUCKED,BY LOTS OF FIGHTING ABUSE (PARENTS DV) stuff like wanted it to be definite-focus on CORE FAMILY VALUES,GOD/PRAYER/FAITH/HOPE loyal trust within him and caroline the marriage,was so beautifully done,realistic same as my parents never had to cheat or dishonor,i sure love this man for the type of greatness with great that come along with per epie just about of LHOTP!



    i watch for years born in upper 70s,and will watch till i am old and grey, this is what shows today should be god-lovin, no cheating just loyal,good men women, great kids,bad at times lmfao lol sure it happens but always god-fearing,and putting familiy LOYALTY honesty,mature trust first,and working HARD as a couple thru the bad times, to get to the better good times. I love this show,going back to watch THE LAST FAREWELL ON HALLMARK I TAPE IT GLAD I DID to watch and cry and smile anytime,this winter and recording as many as feasible,before the stupid thanksgiving xmas shows on hallmark suck up the channel,for 2 months. i hate that.


    and glad now INSP SHOW IT NOW TOO IN RE-RUNS too,so i am happy.


  • I hope Little House returns some day maybe as a 2 hour movie Using all the Little House Stars that a are still alive.

    I wish they would bring Little House On The Prairie back on T.V. some day & all the former Little House On The Prairie actors and actress could return to Little House where ever they moved to after the last show.Here are some hints
    Laura & Carrie could be both Teachers Albert could be a doctor. The Olson\\\'s could be running a store and Willie and Rachel running the restaurant.Mrs Foster could be running the post office Nancy the switch board. Caroline and Hester Sue could be working at Willie and Rachel\\\'s restaurant. Albert could be married to Belinda Stevens.
  • Based on a true story of Laura ingalls Wilder. It is base on her book series the Little House.

    I really enjoy watching this show. It's such a classic. And I was born while the show was still airing. It's a good christain show based on the life of Laura ingalls wilder. The only thing I didn't like the show was bringing in Adam and Albert who were not real people. And I hated when they tell story that are not true like Mary getting Marrey, when that is false to the real life Mary Ingalls. In a way it's a great show, it had alot of great episode and I enjoy watching it. It's a good show for the whole family.
  • This long running TV drama is about a family living in the 1800's.Based upon the series written by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Set in Walnut Grove, Minnesota, Charles and Caroline Ingalls raise they're children Laura,Mary,Carrie,Albert,Grace,James and Cassandra

    Little house on the Prairie is one of my favorite shows. Being younger I only have had the opportunity to watch re-runs. I wish they could bring it back. My parents have watched this show,and I believe people of all ages could enjoy this show. This show has great values, and teaches many very important lessons for children,and adults. This show is timeless and I enjoy watching it as much as I enjoy reading Laura Ingalls Wilder's books. Almost every night i watch this show along with my friends, and we talk about the episodes the next day. I give it two thumbs up!
  • Awesome!

    I love this show. Before I always thought it was a sissy show but after my brothers started to watch it, it stole my heart. It is now my favorite show. But I think that they should have kept the whole Ingalls family in the last 2 seasons, I still love Laura and Almonzo, but did love the Ingalls family. Then again if that's the way it happend, then that's the way it happend. This is one of the best shows on tv. So cute, touching, loving, some action and it's hilarious! I'd recommend this to anyone I know. My favorite character is ( of course ) Laura. She is the girl you always dream of being. They certainly casted it right. You actualy believe that you are watching it happen right before your eyes. But there is one down side to this show, her name is Harriet Olseon. Sometimes I just want to jump into the tv and tell her off. My favorite episode is "I Do, Again" it's so heart warming and Laura announces she's pregnat! My second favorite one is "Stone Soup" My second favorite character is Willie Olseon(when he's older and more mature).

    Very cool show! Two Thumbs up!
  • Great family show!

    Little House is a great program with morals and family values. It's refreshing to see a good wholesome show like this on the air in today's twisted world. The program still stands the test of time and new generations of young people are growing up with it.

    The show is based on the series of books by Laura Ingalls-Wilder about her life on the praire. Michael Landon took the stories to another level and immortalized the Ingalls family in TV history. We watch Laura grow up from a child to a mother. From a little girl who couldn't read or write, to a teacher and author. Some episodes are funny and amusing, others are serious and sad.

    I don't think this show has ever been off the air. The reruns are going strong and I, for one, never get tired of watching them.

  • this is about afamily who lived in the big woods and family meant everything to them

    this family lived in the big woods and had many hard times and good times finally they needed to move on and find a place where they could find a new place to live that the harvest would be good so they moved on and of course had to leave some family behind and of course in there new place met many new friends and they had a better harvest but also still had hard times and many years of suffering but the family always stayed to gether and helped each other
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