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  • I have never found a show like this one! I have the DVD set and watch them all the time :)

    I'm so happy they brought this show to Hallmark. I love it when I have the day off from work and I can lay on the couch and watch the Ingalls! It's such a heartfelt and inspiring show that people can't help falling in love with. I grew up watching this show and hope to pass it on to my children some day. I was devasted when Michael Landon passed away, he was one of my favorites on the show. I wanted to spend at least one day in the Ingalls house and sleep in the loft. That looked like so much fun!
  • Without a doubt, one of the best family shows ever to be made and one of the best that the 70s-80s had to offer.

    Charles Ingalls and his wife Caroline (Michael Landon and Karen Grassle) have had to make the tough decision to move themselves and their young family to a new location after hard economic times found them in financial trouble. They decide to settle in Walnut Grove, a little town just near Plum Creek and Charles soon builds them a small home that he has earned the money for supplies for by working at the local mill.

    Their three girls, Mary, Laura and Carrie are excited to be living there and very happy with their new accomodation. Over the next several years, we follow the joys and triumphs of the Ingalls family, their friend Mr. Edwards, the Olsens who own the local store, Doc Baker and many others. All the way through, this series produced excellence week after week and audiences loved watching the Ingalls children grow up on television, particularly Laura, expertly portrayed by Melissa Gilbert.

    A joy to watch and a great family show that one could never get tired of viewing over and over again.
  • outstanding program

    For me, Little House on the Prairie would be the best family show of all time! This was a show that was way better and way focus than the other family shows ever aired in the television. Among the TV series I've seen before, Little House on the Prairie deal with matters that were too concentrated for a family show and it shows in the entire episodes. Because of my love for this show, I purchased a DVD copy from . Very steadfast seller because they shipped my order in a prompt manner! When I checked the DVDs, it has good quality and complete episodes. I'm so thankful that I could see this show again because Little House on the Prairie is such a great TV show is a very outstanding program.
  • The best show ever.

    Little House on the Prairie is such a good show I love it. It's one of those shows that has everything from romance, funny, touching, and sad moments. I think Little House will always be here no matter what. Even if you hated the show I still think it will be around.
  • Jesse and Frank James decide to hide out in Walnut Grove. Terror ensues for the townspeople, but hilarity ensues for those of us watching this silly, yet fun episode of LHOTP.

    The shark began to circle the waters in this ridiculous Season 4 offering, but it's all in good fun and still manages to keep the viewer's interest. Miss Beadle just HAPPENS to give out an assignment on the Civil War (as Pa manages to note is "only 11 years ago so feelings are still raw" in order to remind us of the time period), so the James Brothers just HAPPEN to come to Walnut Grove (which works out perfectly for the North/South debate), and one of the students who is for the North (and opposes Mary's sympathy for the atrocities done to the South) just HAPPENS to shoot Jesse James 6 years later (he's Ford, LOL)! Wow, what a coincidence! I think the funniest moment for me was when Charles swims underwater while a bouty hunter is sealing off the town. Ludicrous but still entertaining.
  • I have the complete series on DVD...

    When I was 11, I was totally obsessed with Little House on the Prairie, so for Christmas that year, my folks got me the complete series on DVD. But in September of that same year, I had discovered Naruto which led me to discover more anime, so I unintentionally forgot all about Little House. I still love anime more than ever, but I have recently rekindled my love fo Little House as well. I watch it a lot in the mornings on the Hallmark Channel, and occasionally in the afternoons when I'm waiting for M*A*S*H to come on. I think my favorite would have to be either Adam, even though his character never existed in reality, or Mr. Oleson, just because I sympathize with him. I've always hated Mrs. Oleson, just because she's evil and will never change. Nellie was a brat at first, but she shaped up after she married Percival, who I also adore. Willie was sort of a brat, but really just a typical little boy. But he got really handsome when he got into his teen years, and unfortunately for me got married... T_T But the guy who plays him is almost 40 now. YUCK! I don't date old people.
  • Little House on the Prairie was a true account of a family and a town who worked together in faith.

    This show was the absolute best. It was made for family. I grew up with it and now my children are growing up with it. This was a show that was not afraid to show of God, emotions from men and women, lessons learned, hard time and good. My biggest fascination with this show is how the families and town worked together to form a stronger unit. Every person can learn a valuable lesson just from watching an episode.
  • The best show ever!

    Hello! Little House On The Prairie is my all time favorite television show of like all time and has so many great things about it. The characters all have so much personality and uniqueness to them. It truly amazes me. The characters are so great; I do not even have a favorite. Also, the plot is very good for majority of the episodes. My friend used to hate it but now, she to loves it. Little house on the prairie is the best show ever and it is based on the series of books by my favorite author! The cast does a stupendous job and I absolutely love this show.
  • The fictionalized tale of the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder as she grows up in the prairie wilds of Minnesota.

    This is quite possibly one of the best, and most enduring television series ever. The appeal of a wholesome family show that is still exciting and adventurous is universal.
    It has a little something for everyone; drama, suspense, humor, adventure, and even romance.
    I loved this show when I was a girl and I love it just as much today. The writing was good. There were glitches, many historical inaccuracies along the way, but the stories were solid and interesting. One week you're reaching for the Kleenex and the next you're falling out of the recliner laughing. It kept you coming back to see what would happen next. Many of the stories were sad, but there was an underlying message of faith in God and family in many of them. How it must have been so back then on the prairie.
    The actors are forever immortalized in these roles. Can anyone say 'Michael Landon' and not picture him in Pa's hat? He was so good in that role. Karen Grassle was the perfect choice for Caroline-she just radiated love for her family. I could go on and on; Melissa Gilbert, Victor French, Scottie MacGregor,Allison Arngrim-they were just the best cast on a show at that time.
    The best episodes are surely in the first half of the series, but my personal favorites can mostly be found in Seasons 6 and 7. The romance of Laura and Almanzo, though not anything like the way it was historicall, enthralled me.
    The later episodes became cluttered with too many children and some far-fetched story lines, but I still watched. One of my favorite later episodes is actually "May I Have This Dance" which was to be the last but one of the series. It was satisfying to see Willie grown up and standing up to his mother!
    But either early or late in the run, most of the shows were well written and performed and continue to be viewed by millions of fans today.
  • When it debuted, I doubt anybody expected it to last beyond a season or two. This family show surprised people though, and for good reason. It's a solid show from top to bottom.

    Let me start by saying I don't usually like the "feel good" shows that are supposed to teach life lessons without having some comic relief mixed in. In other words, I don't watch the Waltons, the Patridge Family or Highway to Heaven. I will, however, watch Little House on the Prairie.

    I think part of it stems from my interest in history and homestead life back in those days. How the people lived back then is of extreme interest to me, and the towns/houses were really well done. Also, the characters were done pretty well in accordance with the books written by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Lastly, I don't live all that far from where these things happened. Just like them, the nearest big city to me is Minneapolis.

    Pa Ingalls was truly one of the best characters we've seen in a TV drama. He was a great father, but extremely firm with the children. Back then, he had to be strict to make sure all the children carried their own weight and became good citizens. When he believed an injustice was being done, he was always one of the first to step up and speak out against it.

    I always loved the scenes in the school as room schoolhouses are just facinating.

    I will admit that the later episodes weren't as good when the children weren't so young anymore. It lost some of its charm then. The ending of the series, with the demolition of the town, is one of the saddest in TV history.
  • Great Family Show

    People have to understand that if Michael Landon didn't use some "poetic licence" the show would have lasted 1 year if that. I loved the books, but they were boring for a TV show and didn't go into much detail.

    Except for the last few years, when he should have let it go, he did a wondeful job showing us good values and morals and my children and I still love to watch it.

    I don't think most people thought everything that happened was true to life, he discussed it a lot back then, but dispite what was going on in his own life, Mr. Landon knew the touchpoints of his audience and I'm grateful to him.
  • I love Little House on the Prairie

    I am one of the bigest fans of this show i am only on season 3 but i am sucked into the show
  • I Love Little House!

    Little House on the Prairie is the best show a person could watch. Although it doesnt portray and go along with the books exactly, it has many wonderful messages. Michael Landon was an amazing man with amazing talent. The actors on the show were all wonderful and really brought their characters to life. My favorite characters on the show were Charles, Laura, Nels, Carrie, and especially Albert. Although Albert was a made up character, I am glad that Michael Landon decided to add him. I think it showed that Charles could have an amazing relationship with both a daughter and a son. Also Charles was able to have the son he always wanted. Matthew Laboryteaux did a great job as Albert. My favorite television line of all time is still the scene where Albert is sick in A Look Back to Yesterday and is told he is going to die and Charles wants to take him back to Burr Oak, Iowa to be with his Ma, brother, and sisters but Albert tells him that he doesnt want them to watch him die and that Walnut Grove was the first place that he felt like he had a family that loved him and that his best memories happened there and he says. "Take me home Pa. Take me back to Walnut Grove. I became Albert Ingalls That line still makes me tear up. Overall a great show to watch with the family!!
  • Great sentiment even though it strays from her memoirs

    Yes! I love this show as many of the other reviewers have said. But anyone wanting to know some interesting facts check this out: ***WARNING SPOILER FOR LAURA INGALLS WILDER BOOK SERIES*** 1st off there are no direct descendents of Charles Ingalls and Caroline Quiner Ingalls. The line stopped with Rose, Laura Ingalls daughter who gave birth to one child that did not live. Carry would marry and have step children but never any children of her own and neither did Grace. As for Mary, well there was no Adam and no husband at all. Mary wound up being a spinster who lived much of her adult life with her younger sister Carry. Mary, like the show, in real life was blind. Nellie Olsen wasn't really Nellie Olsen. She was one character made out of a few of the "bully" type girls that Laura had known growing up in the different regions. Last but not least...there was NO Albert! He is completely fictional as are Cassandra and James. Crazy isn't?? It is one thing to meander into different story lines that may not be exactly accurate but the writers of this show actually invented people. Not that they are the only ones to have done that. Well, hope you enjoyed some of these real life facts.
  • Awesome classic show

    I just moved to my area and I haven't been able to find the re-runs of Little House on The Prairie! I am so disappointed. Doesn't matter how many times I've watched the show, I still enjoy watching it over and over again in re-runs. I think this is a classic show and needs to be kept on the air. Good wholesome show for the family. My kids enjoy watching this. Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert are awesome. All the cast is, but those two especially.

    Bring it back! DishTV doesn't have any listings on their line-up! This is not good!
  • Little House on the Prairie was a TV show that was filled with morals that continue to teach many children great lessons.

    When I was a young child, I always looked forward to getting home after school to be able to watch old reruns of Little House on the Prairie. Honestly, I believe that as I matured, this show helped me in some ways to be a better person, as I was raised in a household with alcoholic parents with no morals. The lessons that this show taught were not only heartfelt, but meaningful. Although our society will never ever go back to the way things were done in the era that this show was set, it can bring to the forefront many things that we tend to forget. Like children being bullied by other children, or abused by their parents. Watching the lessons unfold for a character on the show that was caught stealing or being disrespectful to their parent(s) or an elder were interesting and thought-provoking. All in all, this show should be watched by young adolescents who want to know how people should interact with another and be successful in personal relationships, particularly when it comes to husband and wife relations, or parent/child relationships. I know that it taught me several lessons that I still think back to to this very day. My friends and I would discuss the show the next day on the bus or on the playground and the way things may have went down, and how it made us feel. This is a great show and I bought the books that inspired the show for my daughter when she was 13, and she still reads them at 16.
  • This timeless series is based on the life of author Laura Ingalls Wilder. Its stories of love, faith, and friendship have stood the test of time and this excellent program is as popular today as it was when filming began over 30 years ago.

    It seems as though every young girl in the 1970's was a fan of Little House. With the exception of maybe the Waltons, television in the 1970's, a post-hippie, Watergate-scandalized, women's lib decade, was top-heavy with prime-time shows designed to titilate (e.g. Charlie's Angels, Three's Company, Love Boat), rather than feed the mind and soul. In the days before a million kid-centric channels offered other options at night, LHOTP was a dependable breath of fresh air, always ready to entertain us with a tale of love, loss, or faith. The viewer could almost always expect to take something with her after watching the show. All the while, LHOTP managed to remain not-too-preachy; rather, it set standards and examples for us to live by. For these reasons, Little House took America by storm and ran a whopping 10 seasons. It can be reasonably argued, however, that the show ran at least two seasons too long, finally running out of steam (and stories) in 1984. As of 2006, LHOTP can be seen in reruns a half dozen times daily on three major cable stations, a testament to its appeal, quality, and timelessness.
  • love it

    i love little house on the praire.i have all your movies.i love looking at your movies evry day.great guys are the best.biggest fan
  • Little House On The Prairie Fan

    I loved this show as a child, and still watch re-runs to this day.

    I realize that the TV show is nothing like the books. I guess for me, that doesn't really matter. I acquired so many other things from watching the show. Ideals which have remained with me for life. In addition to an hour of entertainment, I learned about the value of being honest, the importance of working hard, the significance of family and community, the emphasis placed on God and His central role in each family's life, (almost every show makes reference to God and the faith that people put in Him.)

    Furthermore, the series portrays a tenderness and simplicity that mesmerizes the viewer and allows them to experience "small-town" life during the 1870's~albeit Hollywood's version of the 1870's. It does provide some history in the clothing and customs of that era.

    I know that life wasn't as glamorous as Little House depicts. Ma's dress is always clean and pressed, her hands callous-free, and Pa with his broad shoulders and thick head of hair always willing to jump in and save the day. With much success, I might add.

    I do think this series provides us with an opportunity to escape for an hour into a land of wholesomeness, integrity and virtue, with a captivating and sometimes humorous plot and the ability (if we choose) to turn to our children and talk to them about what they just saw.

    And isn't that what family viewing is all about?
  • One of the best classics on TV at all times

    Its good for all ages even the young ones because it teaches lessons or encourage family togetherness. its really good becuse its almost based on Laura Ingalls Wilder's books. It have drama, comedy, tragic, and religious, and most of all, reality because it shows how real people can react in the real world and teach us how things can happen for a reason.
  • Ah, Little House, a great hour of Television.

    Little House on the Prairie, my absolutely favorite TV show of all time. The characters are real and engaging and the storylines are mostly superb. I love how it looks at one family and the people around them and the pioneer period. I came onto this show late. Being only 19, I caught this show one summer about 2 years ago. My favorite characters are Albert and Mary. My least favorite would have to be Almanzo and Eliza Jane. I think its great how David Rose has a musical theme for most of the main characters.

    My few complaints about this show are that people came and went and seemingly disapeared. The Garvey's for example. In "Look Back to Yesterday" (best epsidoe by the way) Laura makes it seem as if they had never really talked about them at all. I also did not like how the Edwards divorced and that Mary's baby died. While a good plot device it always seemed so unfair that Laura got everything and Mary's life well....sucked. Carrie also should of had more storylines and should not have been played so young for so long.

    All in all a wonderful, wonderful show!
  • The most classic show ever!

    If you're any kind of a 9-year-old girl, you read the books. Now, years later, I watch the show simply because its so different from anything else. The world has been completely deprived of good TV for years, so I retreat to the '60s and '70s for nice shows. It is completely obvious that the producers changed many aspects of the show -- Albert is a completely fictional character, as are James and Cassandra. And obviously, many of the plots are created purely for entertainment purposes. If you're a true die-hard LHOTP books fan, you might be disappointed. But if you read them, but didn't dedicate your entire life to them, you will for sure enjoy the TV show. It can be very sad, obviously (Mary becoming blind, for example), but it can also be very funny. And they didn't try to keep the characters the same age for 9 years -- it let them grow. A classic show!
  • Little House On The Prairie defined 70's television. It was fresh, fun, and full of family togetherness. In the end to 50's wholesome TV, LHOTP keep the tradition alive.

    What can I say about Little House On The Prairie. This show taught me more value and lessons growing up than my own parents did. I didn't consider this just a show, but a teacher.
    I discuss LHOTP all the time. It's funny, when I talk about this show as being a sort of controversial show for the 70's, people don't believe. But when I finish, most just nod in awe.
    For example, probably what I consider the most controversial episode in Little House's life, "Sylvia." This episode was about a girl who was developing a little faster than the other girl, so of course the boys paid more attention to her, more than she wanted. Sylvia liked Albert, and he liked her. One day while Sylvia was walking home, someone grabbed her, and pulled her down. She was then raped. Sylvia became pregnant by her masked rapist.
    For a show based in the late 1880's, and being 70's television, this storyline was something you normally would not see done. It did however receive lots of awards for the "Sylvia" episode. But this episode stands out as being that episode I will never forget.
  • Not to sound sappy but I not only loved this show, I found a lot of my first ideals learning along with Laura and the rest of the characters.

    I have loved this show since I first watched it with my grandfather. It was not only a timeless classic but a way to connect generations since everyone comes to love this show. I know that it can be sappy and corny at times but that has only made it more dear to my heart. The characters and adventures were not only exciting to watch but they were made so you fell into Walnut Grove and became one with them emotions and all. I have found it to be funny in the times I needed humor and inspiring in the times I was looking for hope. It has been something that I came to relate my situations with and based my ideals off of. It doesn't have to be a long forgotten time if we don't let it. The show prides itself on home grown values and it became one of families most beloved television shows. Between the love for laura and the others this show will win anyone over.
  • Classic!

    Meet the Ingalls: an american family in the later 1800. They show how family love is a key to make it through life. The family, at the beginning, has five (six, if you count the dog), members: Pa, Ma, Laura (middle sister and the POV in the show), Carrie (the little sister) and Mary. As their lives go on, they have a son (who dies within days of his birth), another daughter (Grace) and three surrogated children (Albert, Cassandra and James). Also, the girls grow up, Mary becomes blind, and Mary and Laura (in that order) get married. They also moved to the city for a short time in order to earn more money. In the final seasons, Laura was left alone in the town, since Pa had got another good job somewhere else and had there to move. Good series, I deffinetly recommend it!
  • A great show!

    The Ingalls, the Wilders, the Olesons... and many more influenced a lot of lives. Lots of people watched the show and still do, although they almost know every single episode, me included. What is it that makes this show a classic that is watched and loved so much?
    I guess the family life in LHOTP is shown as something that is worth fightig for. When you need help, someone from your family or friends is there and stands by your side.
    Another aspect is that we learn something from America's past and how things like the railway influenced little towns and farmers.
    Next, the show is humerous and heart-warming.
    There are a lot of things I could tell you that I like but that would go to far, I guess.
    Lets just say, it's a great show and worth watching, even when you already know how it ends...
  • This is pretty good for an old TV show.

    This is pretty good for an old TV show. Some episodes were funny, whereas others were downright boring. Over all, It\'s okay! I enjoyed watching the Olsen family the best in this show. I hate the intro. The stories are sometimes interesting, so this show is worth a good try!

    I\'m done.
  • The show, now airing in the Netherlands, each day around 5PM, is about a 1870 family with it's own drama's, this is my opinion.

    I watch the show because when I eat my dinner, it's on tv. Each time, I think, oh god pls not again, but at the ending I feel like I wanna see more. And this is the same each day.

    The show has some good characters playing in it, gives you a real feeling of the time playing and is just good enough to watch at.

    My favorite character is Mr. Ingals.

    The show have some fake parts in it and also is very confusing about the time line. Because the episodes airing right now show cars, cars that were made since 1909 or later. So very confusing it is.

    But, yeah, the show is good enough to be rated a 5.5.
  • TODAY SHOWS CORNY FAKE KIM KARTRASHIAN or other fake reality shows,can't COMPARE !!!!!!!


    and yep. just keep watchin such a great show!Sure there is severe illness/killing some of the town off at times,but that is how it was back then,and i know some say,oh lil house was ok but not great premise on so much serious heartache,sadness,but i tell those HATERS, this show was exceptional even with the real sad scenes at times, because it was premise on reality,tru story stuff that went on during this and not exactly like the books, but sure was ALOT like the truth books,and MICHAEL LANDON THE HANDSOME TALENTED GENIUS WHO DIED SO YOUNG only early fifties or so, he sure did leave us with a family oriented "never get old" timeless classic A+ rate great show for a lifetime literally. EVEN THOUGH THERE WAS NO REAL NELLIE, (close enough as MICHAEL LANDON ONCE MENTION by combining mean girls who was so mean to sweet laura back then, just like nellie,so it works for this addicted fan and no cassandra cute lil self or lil cute james or VERY cute albert,all fictionalized,and added a nice blended-mix to this ICONIC incredible realistic

    show. I love it so much... SO MUCH MEANING TO THIS SHOW BIBLE to the "value of loyalty and family #1 THIS IS SO TRUE,AND MICHAEL LANDON GET ALL THE CREDIT FOR IT AS HIS HOME LIFE HE SAID IN NJ SUCKED,BY LOTS OF FIGHTING ABUSE (PARENTS DV) stuff like wanted it to be definite-focus on CORE FAMILY VALUES,GOD/PRAYER/FAITH/HOPE loyal trust within him and caroline the marriage,was so beautifully done,realistic same as my parents never had to cheat or dishonor,i sure love this man for the type of greatness with great that come along with per epie just about of LHOTP!



    i watch for years born in upper 70s,and will watch till i am old and grey, this is what shows today should be god-lovin, no cheating just loyal,good men women, great kids,bad at times lmfao lol sure it happens but always god-fearing,and putting familiy LOYALTY honesty,mature trust first,and working HARD as a couple thru the bad times, to get to the better good times. I love this show,going back to watch THE LAST FAREWELL ON HALLMARK I TAPE IT GLAD I DID to watch and cry and smile anytime,this winter and recording as many as feasible,before the stupid thanksgiving xmas shows on hallmark suck up the channel,for 2 months. i hate that.


    and glad now INSP SHOW IT NOW TOO IN RE-RUNS too,so i am happy.


  • I hope Little House returns some day maybe as a 2 hour movie Using all the Little House Stars that a are still alive.

    I wish they would bring Little House On The Prairie back on T.V. some day & all the former Little House On The Prairie actors and actress could return to Little House where ever they moved to after the last show.Here are some hints
    Laura & Carrie could be both Teachers Albert could be a doctor. The Olson\\\'s could be running a store and Willie and Rachel running the restaurant.Mrs Foster could be running the post office Nancy the switch board. Caroline and Hester Sue could be working at Willie and Rachel\\\'s restaurant. Albert could be married to Belinda Stevens.
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