Little House on the Prairie

NBC (ended 1983)





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  • Not to sound sappy but I not only loved this show, I found a lot of my first ideals learning along with Laura and the rest of the characters.

    I have loved this show since I first watched it with my grandfather. It was not only a timeless classic but a way to connect generations since everyone comes to love this show. I know that it can be sappy and corny at times but that has only made it more dear to my heart. The characters and adventures were not only exciting to watch but they were made so you fell into Walnut Grove and became one with them emotions and all. I have found it to be funny in the times I needed humor and inspiring in the times I was looking for hope. It has been something that I came to relate my situations with and based my ideals off of. It doesn't have to be a long forgotten time if we don't let it. The show prides itself on home grown values and it became one of families most beloved television shows. Between the love for laura and the others this show will win anyone over.