Little House on the Prairie

NBC (ended 1983)





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  • I have the complete series on DVD...

    When I was 11, I was totally obsessed with Little House on the Prairie, so for Christmas that year, my folks got me the complete series on DVD. But in September of that same year, I had discovered Naruto which led me to discover more anime, so I unintentionally forgot all about Little House. I still love anime more than ever, but I have recently rekindled my love fo Little House as well. I watch it a lot in the mornings on the Hallmark Channel, and occasionally in the afternoons when I'm waiting for M*A*S*H to come on. I think my favorite would have to be either Adam, even though his character never existed in reality, or Mr. Oleson, just because I sympathize with him. I've always hated Mrs. Oleson, just because she's evil and will never change. Nellie was a brat at first, but she shaped up after she married Percival, who I also adore. Willie was sort of a brat, but really just a typical little boy. But he got really handsome when he got into his teen years, and unfortunately for me got married... T_T But the guy who plays him is almost 40 now. YUCK! I don't date old people.