Little House on the Prairie

NBC (ended 1983)





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  • 95% of what you see on the show never happened!

    As a youngster, I used to love watching this show. However, over the years growing up, I have read absolutely every thing I can get my hands on about Laura Ingalls Wilder and I cant even watch the program now because 95% of what you see on this show NEVER HAPPENED! There was no Albert. Mary was never bitter over losing her sight, never taught school, got married, much less had a child. Mr. Edwards didn't live in MN (or get married there) By the time Laura was married they lived in South Dakota. Laura and Almanzo never adopted his brother's daughter. There was no Nancy Olsen. Laura did not teach school after she was married. Almanzo didnt call Laura "Beth" it was "Bess or Bessie". I could go on and on but for a fan of Mrs. Wilder, I cant bear to watch it at all. Even the movie that was made a few years ago, I'm thinking it was called "The real Laura Ingalls Wilder" was so far from the truth I was disgusted. I only gave it a 3 insted of a 1 because it is good wholesome family entertainment but children beware...READ and learn the FACTS!!!!!