Little House on the Prairie

NBC (ended 1983)





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  • A travesty and insult to a wonderful and beloved author.


    I became a fan of the Little House books when I was in the 3rd grade, and have shared the books with my daughters, ages 8 and 6. When the show first came out I was so disappointed in how they handled. Michael Landon is NO Pa Ingalls. Pa was strong-minded, bearded, and played the fiddle...Landon did NONE of those (you can't count his pretending). What they did to the other characters was shameful. Coming to mind on top was how they portrayed Mary's becoming blind. That was shameful and needless overdramatization, with all the screaming and whining. Laura had mentioned more than once about how brave Mary was during that time. There are many, many more examples. They would have been better suited to have changed all of the characters' names and the title; THEN it probably may have been a decent show...but maybe not.